Cathedral and 3 towns released!


It works. Thank you.
Actually this spell doesn’t need any icon.


when the release?


after 5 days


What’s new?


Just wait for release.


It’s already downloaded for 16 times? Had anyone tested it?


Just woke up. They’re released? Too bad I must go to work :frowning:


I am one of those 16, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work on the newest daily build (at least for me).


Relax, I’ve found what causes crashes. Fix is on the way!


Okey. Here are fixed versions. I hope @By003 won’t kill me for that. Problem was (for Europeans at least) thah some json have UTF-8 format and should be UTF-8 (without BOM).






Thank you very much, it works now! Will try them out later, have to work now.


Thanks…maybe some of them still use Chinese code. My laptop was purchased from China.

What a serious expression…maybe an European speaking style? Ah…I only apperiate for fixing it and making it better for all users.


It was a joke :slight_smile: I mean when I post fixed (?) links you won’t have a view how many times your towns will be downloaded :slight_smile:


Ah…no worries about this…I have already written my name into all mods…I don’t care anything about mediafire…seldom use it.


What build is to use best for these towns?


I don’t know your meaning. Did you ask for which building is the best for them? Of course ‘the World Tree Branch’ in highlands town.


I mean build of vcmi😎


First bug. Puzzle sequence reveals Grail too quickly.


I love it! If i wasnt so busy with my mods on another game id be begging to help you hahaha keep up the good work.


Thanks for supporting me for this, it would be proud if you help me.