Boost 1.50

VCMI project has some compilation problems with boost 1.50.
So, I made some changes and tested game in windows.

Also for windows users attached a patch that changes project properties and build your targets into $(VCMI_DIR). VCMI_DIR is system variable that You need to setup and it contains path to Heroes3 folder with all third party dll and resources.
patches.7z (6.18 KB)

Thank your for notice, r2769 updates to Boost.Filesystem v3. Please check if it fixes the issue for you.

Then you must also be careful about updating files in config subfolder β€” every time they change in SVN, you need to copy them to the VCMI_DIR.

One more thing for my todo list β€” support for giving VCMI paths to arbitrary config/data/etc folders.

So, it’s need to create link for config subfolder into VCMI_DIR. I use link shell extension for windows.