Battlefield (could be larger?)


i’m new at this forum, yet wanna ask you something :slight_smile:
Heroes 3 is one of the best games I’ve ever played, but one thing that I really miss here is the absence of bigger battlefield. The size is 15x11 hexes, which is fine, but…
what about something bigger? :slight_smile:

I think it would be great, with larger battlefield the battles could be much more based on tactics…

Is there any chance that you will add a bigger battlefield into the VCMI, as you already include a bigger resolulion at the rest of the game? And if not, is it possible to do it in the Heroes 3 (i mean, whether it is or isn’t hardcoded and can/cannot be chanched)?

Thanx for replies

It’s not possible do to that in Heroes III - it’s hardcoded. It should be much more simple in VCMI but I’d need a few graphics. If more people will be interested in this feature, I will make appropriate support in the engine.

everything is posssible but bigger battlefield gives drawback to “back compability” due to numering of hexes in wog and scripts that based on, so better keep as is either to set it as unsupported feature

I agree with majaczek about the drawbacks, so if this is implemented, it should of course be disabled by default and give a warning message upon enabling.

That said, I think otherwise this could be a really cool feature. Especially at a later stage when WoG will be included in VCMI (think of Commander + Henchman + Karmic Battles, which often end up doubling the number of creatures on the battlefield).

This would also be particularly interesting if VCMI will have (again, at a later stage) support for singleplayer/multiplayer deathmatches. This was one of the few cool things Heroes V came with: possibility of entering the game only for a quick battle between two pre-set uber-armies.

That’s a wrong assumption … Larger battlefield doesn’t mean more or less tactics . As in both cases tactics are thinking is needed …

The big difference is in balance, Larger battlefield would be beneficial for Mages Wizards and factions with strong (many) shoters.

…and also beneficial for factions/creatures with high speeds (as now quite a lot of them can cross the battlefield in 1 go).

But we are not going to throw around huge battlefields at random, they rather will be an option for mapmaker who wants to create unusual challenge. There are already several interesting ideas on my mind :sunglasses:

That would be a safer way of implementing it, though maybe too restrictive and harder for the devs to implement.

I was more thinking more in the lines of having battlefields depending on the size of the army (of course, only if this feature would be enabled from the VCMI modding menu). Anyway, I’d be fine with it however it’s implemented.