An idea for you, a solution for me

I will make it known that I prefer the vanilla H3SODCOMPLETE over WoG because the latter crashes every 5 minutes on my win7 setup.

Either way I am here to address a problem common for both and maybe I get a fix for my game and you get a fix for yours.

The problem is game regards whole underground map layer as subterranean terrain. It does it with complete disregard to what terrain tiles are actually present under heroes feet. This makes Dungeon town exceed on half of total space available and I consider that to be a problem. I am for us being able to choose where the Dungeon has terrain advantage by using subterranean terrain brush in the editor-shouldn’t it be used like this in the first place? And not having it have whole underground as its happy place. Also having all the fights in underground have this cave with a few mushrooms background sucks a heap too, monotonous.

My reasoning is I am creating a competitive well balanced maps for 8 player play and this comes in a way of balancing the map.

Regards to all who is still enjoying this wonderful game in 2012 and years to come.

You are not first who disagree remaking WoG instead of RoE/AB/SoD/Complete.
But remember, VCMI is going to be “easy-to-modify”, so disabling all wog addons will not be a problem :wink: .

I believe enabling any WoG options will be more of a trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

As to rest of the post… I don’t really see your point?

Imagine this situation:
You are making a balanced 8 player map. You want to put 4 players on top half of it and 4 players on the bottom half of it. With the way things are now the top players will benefit from native terrain on top and lets say we divide the the map space evenly and use their native terrain. Now we have the map control in regard of native terrain advantage divided like this - 4 players having benefits on 1/8 of the map each, 3 players having NO BENEFIT at all and dungeon player having 4/8 of the map. How is this fair in your opinion?

You are faced with hard choice to put 7 players on top and 1 on the bottom but then its gets too tight on top and too empty on bottom. Or to have it like the latter where dungeon has unfair advantage.

Do you enjoy any of the choices you have at this point? Because I don’t.

Perhaps you aren’t aware that troops in combat when on native terrain gain +1 combat speed, which can mean a lot in terms of balance.

Funny thing. VCMI does check for a real terrain type when deciding who will receive bonuses for native battlefield. And I was convinced that was the behaviour of H3 but it isn’t. Now what… I guess you won’t be happy if I fix this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! So, can I run this without the WoG features, just with this fix? Without crashes preferably.

Well I would consider such behaviour a bug , so IMHO vcmi fixed a bug of the original game :slight_smile:

BTW I’m also surprised that it wasn’t like that in the original but I guess most of my plays were on maps without underground.