All additional towns to VCMI

Nice list. Perhaps we should consider moving it to wiki? … or_players
Unlike forum posts wiki page can be edited by anyone who has forum account. Plus wiki syntax is more flexible than forum BBcode.

Mod for VCMI was made by me & Warmonger but all content was taken from HotA.

One note on translation (and fonts) - by 0.93 there will be a better way to create translations for mods - current approach (copy mod and translate texts) already causing problems (like fonts conflicts).

is it possible to make this one woking?

Bastion depends on its authors, nothing else.

What do you mean by that? Do they don’t want to share graphics they’ve made? Or is it impossible to contact them? Or something else?

Town consist from much more than town screen - creatures, siege screen, puzzle map, heroes. As far as I know Bastion authors don’t have all of these (or not satisfied with its quality). As result they don’t want to release town (or its graphics) in unfinished state.

Apart from this some modders are waiting for such features like scripting or fully functional original game.
And don’t forget that support for new towns was added several months ago - this quite short term in H3 modding.

In continuation of this I’ve made template for mods description. Right now used only for mods that were already in the list here: … or_players
I’m going to add mods from this thread as well.

Siege can be used from one of standart sieges (of from towns with finished towns).
Creatures can be found in packs etc.
Heroes can be made from available portrat packs.
Puzzle is one of most miserable things. On difficult maps there is no time to search for Grail.
Standart puzzles are good enough.
Screen is the most difficult part.

For example, Bastion is easy to build, there are sufficient high quality screenshots to make all dwellings. Only question are units, but there many Egypt-like units.

But there many time for testing and polishing is needed.
Even if not polish graphics, there balancing is needed.
And there not much sence in building “release” of towns, since VCMI is not 1.0 version, and format of json’s is changing often.
If town is released today, after 3-5 mouths it will need rewriting.

So now it’s better to prepare graphics for dwellings and units and make test builds.

PS By the way, to speed up puzzle creating, i think, it can be made from quadrats. And for different fractions only picture is needed.

Not everyone shares you position on how new towns should be made.

I respect position of HotA and WoG 3.59 team here - release only when it is ready. And compared to time needed to properly develop city concept, model all creatures and town screen, think of hero and creature specials time needed to write (or update) json configuration is abysmal.

Anyway - we are not connected to Bastion or any other teams so you should ask them about release, not us. We only provide support for new content.

UPD: all mods from 1st post are now on wiki. Feel free to add some missing information or any new mods.

I don’t think they will release something for VCMI at all.
And i don’t think WOG 3.59 team still exists at all.
So i think for VCMI is better not respect those, who didn’t produce nothing yet, but to motivate creating amateur, not very good towns, but created by enthusiasts and for enthusiasts. It will be possible only when 1.0 is out and json format is frozen.

And what’s the difference between big projects like HotA and amateurs? Creating even “not very good” graphics will take a while - I think porting one town to vcmi won’t take much longer than several days and updating it to next version will take a hour at most.

Most likely you’re right. But they have no objections against me using their content in vcmi either. And I think that if WOG team (it still exist. kind of) will release something their position won’t be much different from HotA’s.

1.0 certainly won’t be out tomorrow. And I’m not sure if json format will be frozen even after 1.0. Certainly - it won’t have as many changes as in 0.9x but it still will have some changes from time to time to support any new features we may want to add.

After all all changes are done for reason - to fix some bug or to add some new feature. Without these changes there won’t be progress.

This is old as world issue. Quantity vs quality. Yet the history show that only quality is remembered, which means those who did short term projects “not so good” wasted entirely their time. Even if short time, ENTIRELY.

forge does not work.

Lol, those, who did nothing, wasted time.
Even if town will be played only by creator, it’s much more productive, than several years buzz without result.
History don’t remember workers or cooks, but it don’t mean they wasted their time.

There are lucky guys, on wich machines Forge is working.
Yet I can’t make Forge run with other mods.

it works when i remove all other mods.

update forge

Forge in hosted on external site and everybody can edit links on Wiki.

guys, can someone upload Preserve Town and Grove Toen for VCMI 0.93 on another server as speedyshare?

for example here

thanks … 23&page=50

Forge 0.8 released. There are some major town screen reworks, 2 new levels (1st and 7th of creatures).
PS I don’t like 7th level altrough. Forge is a techno town, and there is some mutant from biotechnology. It’s more fit to some biohazard mutant faction or kreegan colony faction.

All the links are dead.
Can anyone lay out relevant?