All additional towns to VCMI

This thread is probably obsolete since we have launcher and finished towns can be hosted on our server.
On the other hand, most of towns are constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up to date.

The first polish Abyss version is out!

You can find it here:

Version is in English completely.
The only trouble is that it’s archive name and root directory has some polish symbol in it.
So it must be renamed to “Glebia” to avoid some bugs from it and to unzip it.

UPG Seems it’s based on my Abyss version:-) So my work isn’t wasted.
But a lot of heroes are added, adventure map dwellings from Axolotl and some big reworks.

Christmas Town

It’s draft version, Pointer is asking for help. So if you want to play it, it will take some work: you must correct issues in buildings/structures.jsons, make icons for Hall, resemble DEF files of town with correct transparent color background…


  1. For townscreen to work, all Area/Border files in Data must be converted to 8-bit. Or else VCMI crashes when building is built.

Great hero Silaneo converted Necro town from HMM2 (it’s his second conversion after Abode town): … genumber=5
Great work.

Could someone convert “Water Deep” town (by Axolotl) to VCMI?

Nevermind, I found the topic in AcidCave forum, there are people working on that. Sorry.

Hello! Here is the new version of Grove for VCMI 0.95 in English. Hero’s “empty” specialities are corrected to another ones. Also the 8th level dwelling avatar in hall screen is corrected. Link edited!

How many of these towns works in 0.97?
All mods to VCMI in current version … s.rar?dl=0

Here is a link to a working abyss town for vcmi 0.98. I sat there and tried to convert it all over as best i could. There shouldn’t be many errors as it seems to be working fine on my end.

Thanks, it’s my favourite town :wink:

EDIT: Unfortunatelly it’s still a mess like a year ago. Creatures AI values are out of place, also town doesn’t seem to show in RMG now.

I have no issues with this awesome town. Found it in RMG. However the AI is way out of place as you say. Other than that, it works very nicely

Oops, there is a bug on my side.

Heroes also have weirdest starting armies, including units that do not belong to town. Creature stats are completely imbalanced (I fixed that a long time ago, but it’s another version).

People also worked on this town in Acid Cave, but project is abandoned :frowning:

Yeah theres still lots of stuff that needs doing, converting it all took me forever, especially the heroes. I haven’t had the chance to go through it lately but for now i just wanted it loading up right hehe.

Why I have Murloc commander (yes, I play with WoG mod) when I buy Abbys hero, but when AI buys Abbys hero - has normal hyppocomander creature as intended?

Abyss is not finished and you can assume nothing is as intended :wink:

As in my thread on the subject, I have been working on fixing things regarding Abyss. I have seen some of the authors lurking around here, so I repeat myself; if the project is dead, I would gladly want to help polishing it and release the cleaner version. If not, I would like to help the team.

Both Grove and Preserve have their authors working on newer and more professional-looking versions of the factions. Looking forward to them!

But there are really no authors of Abyss. People just pass unfinished mod around. Better know which version you’re working on, This is mine updated 5 months ago: … s.rar?dl=0

It involves units balance and abilities. Heroes were improved, but specialties are still a mess.

ALso, the mod needs writer to make coherent English names and descriptions.

So the people written in credits as designers are not the designers? That is a bit confusing. I presume those were the original authors and it has since drifted around between helpful hand to helpful hand.

Anyway, I have cleaned most descriptions, done some improvements on unit names and fixed some bugs on the most recent version. I have not really touched balance nor hero specialties as I am not great on balance. If it is okay to upload it, I will do so. Personally, I think my other thread should be the go-to if anyone is willing to help. Some might not like some name changes I did so I would like some feedback there.

Yeah. Like I’m just testing Abyss, and yet it says I’m author, something I’m not, since I don’t know how to mod at all.