1680x1050 resolution


I recently downloaded the latest version of this project and installed it. I have a 1680x1050 res and I made the modifications accordingly to accomodate my resolution. Then I thought to drop a line here and contribute a bit with the code and files for that.

So, the settings file should also contain:

1680x1050 //setting specific for this resolution
			AdvMap: x=7 y=6 width=1475 height=997 smoothMove=1;
			InfoBox: x=1486 y=839;
			gem0: x=6 y=958 graphic=agemLL.def;
			gem1: x=1436 y=958 graphic=agemLR.def;
			gem2: x=6 y=6 graphic=agemUL.def;
			gem3: x=1436 y=6 graphic=agemUR.def;
			HeroList: size=19 x=1489 y=201 movePoints=IMOBIL.DEF manaPoints=IMANA.DEF arrowUp=IAM012.DEF arrowDown=IAM013.DEF;
			TownList: size=19 x=1627 y=201 arrowUp=IAM014.DEF arrowDown=IAM015.DEF;
			Minimap: width=144 height=144 x=1510 y=26;
			Statusbar: x=8 y=1005 graphic=ADROLLVR3.pcx;
			ResDataBar: x=0 y=1025 graphic=ZRESBAR4.pcx offsetX=65 offsetY=2 resSpace=192 resDateSpace=290;
			ButtonKingdomOv: x=1559 y=197 graphic=IAM002L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonUnderground: x=1559 y=229 graphic=IAM010L.DEF playerColoured=1 additionalDefs=(IAM003L.DEF);
			ButtonQuestLog: x=1559 y=261 graphic=IAM004L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonSleepWake: x=1559 y=294 graphic=IAM005L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonMoveHero: x=1559 y=327 graphic=IAM006L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonSpellbook: x=1559 y=359 graphic=IAM007L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonAdvOptions: x=1559 y=393 graphic=IAM008L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonSysOptions: x=1559 y=426 graphic=IAM009L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonNextHero: x=1559 y=458 graphic=IAM000.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonEndTurn: x=1559 y=491 graphic=IAM001.DEF playerColoured=1;

… and I have no clue how to attach the GUI images I modified… I was unable to register or post to the forum as I cannot see the verification images. So, I uploaded them here.

I hope these are usefull.

All the best and thanks for your efforts! Brings a cool new way of playing heroes. :wink:

P.S. It seems this is the only way I can actually leave any message anywhere related to this site. :slight_smile:

EDIT: For the new visitors of this topic, the final version of the files for the 1680x1050 resolution are in the archive attached to THIS POST.


Thanks for support!

There is no verification image at all, just read the message carefully :wink:

Uhh, yes, offcourse I knew that! :smiley:


I attach the files here just to make sure they stick, but they might need renaming if (as I noticed) someone else has taken up the incremental number slots…
GUI1680x1050.zip (105 KB)

Hi Blake,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the contribution. :slight_smile:

I’ve moved the discussion on the new resolution to the Development section of the forum.

Some first observations regarding the settings file content:

  • You’ve created ADVMAP5.pcx & ZRESBAR4.pcx, however they are already used for other resolutions. As this is the 8th resolution, we should use xxx8.pcx files (including an ADROLLVR8.pcx).

  • I believe AdvMap should start at y=7 i/o 6

But I’ll have a closer look at all details when integrating this resolution for the next VCMI release. :wink:

Yes, I was just commenting on that above. I tried a naming convention such as [name]_1680x1050, but it failed loading. Perhaps the name is too long…

Yes, that is correct. I forgot to change it back. I did several trial-error operations and I forgot to undo this one.

Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile:

It’s actually the under-scroll line that caused the failure. We may consider another naming convention in the future, but for now - as we want to keep the basic game package as slim as possible - we will anyway not include more than 1-2 new resolutions in the near future. 1680x1050 will be one of them, as it seems to be the most popular among the missing ones. But most of the other custom resolutions that will be afterwards created, will probably be included into a separate package with extras (and we’ll see then about a naming convention).

Nice, this is the resolution of my new monitor. Thanks.

Looks impressive in this scale, but there are many graphics missing.

The ADROLLVR file was missing. Also the AdvMap, InfoBox and a couple of buttons were 1 or more pixels out of place. All has been corrected, plus the InGameConsole line added.

Overwrite the original 0.75 files with those in the archive attached here and it should be perfect. :wink:

EDIT: I spoke too soon. It’s not really “perfect”, because the subtitle in the StatusBar is not well centered. I don’t seem to figure out why. Could it be for another reason than the content of the Settings file?
1680x1050-default-v2.7z (89.4 KB)

It’s because StatusBar’s graphic is too short. It’s only 1099 pixels wide when it should be about 1470.

But it’s really impressive to see most of the S-sized map without scrolling :).

Ah yes. Thanks. I’ve confused the difference in pixels between the x and y axes, when I created the file based on the one from the 1280x1024 resolution. :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve corrected it and re-uploaded the archive in my post above. If you downloaded it before the time of this post, pls download again.