1600x1200 resolution textures

It would be nice if the new textures created by users could be merged into the upcoming release.

*[size=84]FYI : The filenames in the archive attached to this post are not compatible anymore with VCMI 0.74 or later. Also small adjustments have been meanwhile performed. For more details on these changes see my update below.[/size]

1600x1200 res.rar (102 KB)

Is this supposed to work by just copying/overwrite the files in the Config & Data folders? Because after I do that, my game starts in full screen mode, but afterwards crashes:

I don’t remember however if it crashed only when I wanted to start a scenario, or already before, when opening Main Menu.

Is it reproducible?

Maybe your monitor/video card doesn’t support??

Also, while it will work to just copy/overwrite the folders, I suggest merging the config/setup.txt file with the one you already have.

Yes. I’m attaching below the logs in case it helps.

That could be. Its native resolution is 1680x1050. I can force it to 1600x1200, which is accepted by the monitor (just with a little warning that it’s not the optimum one). But I get the same crash (the logs below are when I was in 1600x1200 screen resolution).

Just to make sure I do the right thing, does that mean manually adding your extra lines at the bottom of the 0.72d setup.txt file?

On the other hand, considering the fact that it’s not the native resolution of my monitor, maybe I shouldn’t spend too much time on this.

When you have time however (as Adv.AI it’s definitely of higher priority now), could you consider some of the following:

  • A couple of other resolutions between 1024x768 & 1600x1200 (like anything starting with 1280x…)
  • Adding Mithril to the resource bar
  • Make use of all the available space in the right panel (as we’ll never have more than 8 heroes) to move the resources there, hence enlarging the playable interface with an extra quarter-inch on the vertical
  • Or splitting the lower right status window in two (see screenshot): the upper always displaying brief hero/army information and the lower all the game updates (new day / last picked resource etc).
    090727 - 1600x1200.zip (2.07 KB)

As far as I know, it is not possible to make those changes without messing with the code.

Included in the 0.73 package.
It’s so big that I couldn’t test it properly but I hope there won’t be any problems.
Thanks for contribution!

It’s probably known bug with crash on fullscreen.
I’m still not able to reproduce it (I’m not getting any crashes).
Please try with the new release and its crashhandler :slight_smile:

Yes, it seems that overwriting the files in the archive above over the game files was starting the game in full screen, which was creating the crash (maybe also because VCMI does not have support for Main Menu full screen?).

But now that you integrated it in 0.73, it works if the client is in windowed mode (even if my screen’s resolution is different - 1680x1050). It only crashes when I hit F4, but I’ll report that in the 0.73 bug thread, as the crash is different than the one we have for other resolutions.


I have made some changes to the files in the above archive in preparation for VCMI 0.74 release:

The .pcx files were renamed to match the resolution hierarchy from the 0.74 console
The new AdvMap7.pcx has the HeroList and TownList moved 1 pixel to the right for better alignment
In the Settings.txt, next to the updated file names, I’ve made a couple of minor adjustments:

  • InfoBox moved 1 pixel to the left
  • SleepHero, MoveHero, AdvOptions & SysOptions buttons moved 1 pixel up

The new files can be found as part of the new archive prepared for the 0.74 release HERE.

We can continue using this thread however if anyone has suggestions (and solutions:) on how to use all the space made available in the right panel, considering the fact that the number of heroes and game buttons are limited.