I speak english not good.
My problem:
In logCat > programm write that it cant find zelp.txt
What I must do ?
thank you.

This problem I have alreary done.
New my problem :
Programm write log:
E/Activity manager ( 304): fail to set app changed!


excuse me but on which system you run it at? (PC windows/PC linux/Android/Maeomo/tablet linux etc.)
it’s important to know, ie. android port don’t work yet, rest should work if configured properly, but on each platform it works a bit diffrent

also remember you need the files from WoG addon (it’s free and made by fans)
most files starting with ‘z’ comes from WoG. remember also the .lod .vid and .snd files coming from heroes 3 are archives and when you not find file itself it may come from those packages which are a bit diffrent in various language version.

so after you set up properly, if you get the crash or noncrash bug, make an entry in tracker and attach full log and crashdump file if any

I have new problem! :DD
This error:

After that the programm will close)
HELP! plz

What program? What error? Where is the log?

More details please.

And what about Russian?

I saw similar format in Android logs. VCMI on Android is still unplayable (I think).

Too few info. Can you give us compete log?
What version of Heroes 3 do you have?

It may be due to non-english version of H3 or WoG.
Does extracting this package download.vcmi.eu/dataEN.7z ] into your Data/ subfolder helps? (it’ll temporarily change your H3 language to English, until you remove the files).