Sorry if this question has already been answered; I’m new to VCMI and haven’t been able to find the answer to this. The Wogify option exists in game but can’t be clicked on. I can’t tell if I’m installing something wrong. WoG seems to be sort of working but not entirely. Like, the commander screen seems weirdly buggy. I’ve used WoG a lot so I know what it’s supposed to look like.
Thanks for any help; I really want to play this game in 1080 and everything!

EDIT: I’ve noticed there’s a WoG folder in /mods even when I don’t have the mod installed but it’s very small. Don’t know if that’s relevant but there it is.

  1. Wogify option does not exist and it’s not planned. It’s just a bitmap.

  2. Did you read release notes? There’s new creature window in this version (and was still different in previous ones).

  3. Just checked, there is no WoG folder in mods in 0.97 package.

Oh, cool thanks for the quick reply, Warmonger. First off, I clicked on the wrong link and was using .96… D’oh. So problem numba one fixed.

As for wogification; is there no equivalent? I loved all those options, especially the hero ability expansions. I guess I didn’t really get that you guys ported WoG into VCMI so it’s not just 3.58f or whatever.

Now that I’ve got .97 working, however, I’m encountering an issue. The commander/creature screen is bugged on my computer (resolution 1280x1024) and gives this message in the log:

Error: Failed to find file stackWindow/info-panel-1


Interesting, there is no info-panel-1 file on my computer at all and the window works fine.
Plese submit report here: bugs.vcmi.eu/my_view_page.php

Well, the scripts are not ported. Everything else that was not in WoG files was coded from scratch.

How come you didn’t make wogify work when using it with VCMI? Seems like there’s no reason, and it’s weird because so many loved it. :slight_smile:

Is this still not planned? I love WoG and would happily switch to VCMI if it simply allowed for wogification-- I don’t understand why I can download the WoG mod and turn it on but… it doesn’t actually do WoG stuff? Just stack experience and commanders? That’s like 10% of the WoG mod :/.

But yeah it’s been 3 years since the last update (to this thread) saying that it wasn’t planned so… any chance of including that in the future? or removing the bitmap if it’s really never going to be added?

I hope I don’t seem ungrateful, I just honestly won’t use VCMI if WoG and Wogification isn’t supported-- I like my siege engines II and 7th tier creatures (and loads of other stuff) too much.

VCMI will eventually have own WoG-like options, but it’s just very unlikely to be implemented exactly same way as in WoG. Most likely it’s will be some other menu or bunch of options in launcher.

PS: So just to be clear “not planned” mean that exact bitmap unlikely to be used simply because we have tons of better ways to implement game options menu.

The answer is as usual: someone needs to do this. So far there was no volunteer for the task :unamused: