WoG: Stack Experience Glitch

Hey guys,

I am not sure if that is the correct forum, and also not sure if that happens only on the VCMI version of WoG, but:
If you have a stack with units, which have let’s say 1000 XP (level 1), and you just split that stack, the XP on the newly created stack is like 50k+, if you do it several times, all your units are level 10 with a ridiculous amount of xp…

(happens with WoG 9.1.9)

P.S: just checked again, so the issue seems the following.

Lets say you have a stack with 99 goblins, which has 120 xp.
If you now split the stack, with 50 goblins in the new stack, the new stack will have 120 * 50 = 6k xp. (the original stack will be unchanged). So the glitch is more efficient, the more units you have to split of course…

Have the same issue. Though I’m working on StackExp on my mod so it’s kinda helpful right now.

Also, is it normal that Green Dragon has “additional retaliation” StackExp bonus, but the Gold dragon hasn’t ?

Yes. Original Stack Experimence idea was to make non-upgradred units interesting for player. To give him choice which line to develop.

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