WoG sources published

WoG team finally published source codes used by Wake of Gods mod.

They are written in C, though appear to be very low-level dissasembly in the most part. Still, it may be priceless source helpful during handling of ERM scripts and other WoG content. Take a look!

Get them here.

To decipher Russian texts, use Notepad++, then select Format -> Character Sets > Cyryllic > KOI8-R.

Having sources is good, having WoG dead is bad. Do this news would change something in VCMI? Maybe reducing relying on WoG as dead project? Or at least creating better and joined installer for WoG and VCMI?

Hello, original author of WOG project (Slava Salnikov) project published WOG sources wogarchive.ru/file.php?id=189 this sources may be helpful into development. This sources of 2006 year, sources of WOG 3.59 will be published later.

It was already mentioned in general board: [forum.vcmi.eu/t/wog-sources-published/444/1)
Are You sure that 3.59 will be published later? Can You link to the source of this information?

Sorry, only post on russian forum forum.df2.ru/index.php?showtopic=26585