WoG Installation Problems

Hi all,

I installed HoMM3 Complete and now I’d like to install WoG 3.58f. I followed all requirements (change of languages, installation in C:/Games,…) but the installation exits always after the language advice. I tried it so often now, deinstalled and installed Homm3 in another directory, downloaded WoG again… but it still does not work.

Please can somebody help me?

You need to configure these two windows (no idea how does it look in other language):

The option reads English (United Stats).

I tried it as you showed but it still did not work with Windows 7. I installed it now on my old desktop PC with Windows XP and there it was no problem.
I have the game now on my android phone (xperia ray) and it runs so far, a bit lagy sometimes.
Problem now is, that I can not recrute and build. Are therefor any solutions so far?

Hard to say why it doesn’t work in Win7. I guess you tried all “run as admin” / “compatibility” (if x64) combinations? Otherwise I can only think of an issue with the language still… or the package.

As for Android, it’s currently not supported.