Why does VCMI need WoG?


I dislike that in VCMI the resources and mines graphics look not like the original H3 instead of that WoG graphics are used. VCMI wants to be a complete rewrite of the so called H3 engine and that means that it should feel and look like the orginial title. Gamers perhaps are worried about it if sth. is different. Also the additional WoG Package which is required to play VCMI increases the size you have to download and the installation of WoG is someway weird.
But why does VCMI really need WoG? It doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway the project sounds very interesting and I would be happy if it’s finished. Thumbs up!

“VCMI Project - Heroes 3: WoG recreated” - Vcmi wants to be a WoG rewrite, not only pure H3.

VCMI bases on WoG because it is more feature-rich. When all major features are implemented, we will add mod support (SoD mod is intended to be one of the first). Additionally we will try to integrate WoG installer (or at least necessary part of it) into VCMI package (if WoG team agrees).

@VCMI devs: One important thing you should keep in mind is that not the whole Heroes 3 World like WoG. So it should be possible that the player can freely select the rules set of the classical H3, the WoG or perhaps any other mod.

I think that WoG has truly some things which are nice for example ERM. So this should be the first thing to implement after the rewrite of H3 is complete. The strong gameplay changes of WoG should be the last items of the vcmi todo list.

This has already been discussed many times and we know well what to do.

Anyway, do you see any WoG features in 0.75 release?

No I don’t see any WoG features, but some graphics of WoG like the resources images (wood,stone,…) , … :mrgreen:

Interface would be skinnable, just needed to add some files and point config so generally you may have it whatever you like
but the trick with backing to original heroes resorces may be troublesome, because VCMI team prepared some additional graphics to fit the higher resolutions (specially for this feature)
So if you want to, and have some abilities you can even make the VCMI interface to look like the heroes 2 one :mrgreen:

I realize that it is an old thread but i think it would be a appropriate place to second what Beegee has said.

Wog is ugly and a lot of folks who play h3 online (and there are quite a few) use the original h3 version + HD mod. So to get this guys to use vcmi the final release should be as close as possible to heroes 3 graphics.

I don’t think these are related.

Little people play WoG online, as it hardly works there and even then both versions need to be configured in identical way. We want to adress the issue by authomatically syncing mods to the server and allow everything to be turned on and off.

Heroes Complete with HD mod doesn’t have this issue.
Anyway, what graphics of WoG do you need to see all the time?

I am sorry it seems I didn’t make myself clear. My idea was exactly the opposite: that I don’t want to see any WOG graphics there :).

So I’m asking what DO you see and don’t want. It’s hard to fix something that’s not present anyway.
Do you mean the resource icons that are completely unbearable? Or attack icon? Both are taken from H2.

Still, it should be easy to reskin, as Majaczek said.

Yeah those and the creature details screen, the moving trees, the commander icon, anything that would seem odd to a veteran h3 player.

I don’t really find any arguments for this one. Who the hell cares?

Just notice how popular Succession Wars and New Interface Mod are. Still, it’s only an example what people want and may try. I don’t think we should aim at “old H3 veterans”, who are not interested in anything but the original game anyway. If there are any.
The purpose is to make engine better and more moddable.

Modifying graphics is not a scope of this project. We simply use what is given.

New creature window is optional. It’s also much more functional than the original one and will be even more functional when creature artifacts (or possibly commanders) are implemented. Still, it’s my idea and I take full responsibility for the outcome.

As to Commander icon, it should be of course optional. Feel free to implement that feature :wink:

Yup I realize it’s an work of progress and it’s skinnable. I just wanted to enforce what the original poster has said. Many people, myself included will prefer a vanilla heroes 3 which can be improved through modding (such a mod could be wog).

But that being said I really don’t want to give it more attention then it deserves, especially in this early stage.

I would love to :slight_smile:

while other people(most i think) love wog and would like the have all the graphics and the features

it should read:
'all the features and perhaps graphics’
features are the core, graphics may be SoD skin, WoG skin or another skin, dependent on player’s taste… and i believe mod support will allow using different skins on each end of connection while having same ‘core’ content

Hi all,

I don’t see a problem here, since VCMI is still in development phase, i see WoG just as a starting point, which enabled doing anything in the first place. I am sure that in the end, the least of the problem would be to make “classic” heroes 3 VCMI, but I say again, it is totally irrelevant at this stage. WoG will forever be known as the mod that enabled new life to Heroes and inspired the VCMI project.

We should really appreciate what these people are doing, keep up the good work,

All the best,


My opinion on wog is graphics are ugly and some stuff is overboard. I would love to see VCMI more subtle in its choices than WoG was.

First thing I would like to see done is rewrite of original Heroes 3 content to get a game that is the same like the classic we all cannot forget but without its shortcomings and with possibility of further modification and expansion.

There has to be a clear core.

I dig the idea of WoG as inspiration but mixing basic H3 and a heavy mod to use as a core of a project will create awkward situations later on, I am sure of it.

Only then WoG features, that the user can turn on or off, should be given priority.
Whatever people come up with should be released later as addons that you can chose to use or not to use too.

So a guy wants a game full modable but not based on wog. My question: how will you mod it then? Modders spent 8 years to learn ERM, you expect anyone to start from scratch if a new language is used? I doubt there will be any audience if not ERM.

Quite the other way round, WoG will be based on VCMI. ERM parser is already there. Some people (Altair, Acid Dragon) also offered help with connecting ERM to VCMI engine / scripts.
What we miss is the possibility of modding in the VCMI itself and support for scripting language. It’s not a simple matter of “go forth and script”, it’s also underlaying support for stable, flexible, cheat-proof game with some additional features.

They will not start from scratch. It’s nothing like someday “poof” a new scripting language is introduced. It will be gradual process with similiar functionality, but better engine organization and readability.
There must be a reason why millions of people all over the world use Python / Lua for scripting :wink: