What VCMI stands for

Hey guys, some of my buddies have asked me what VCMI is an acronym for. I tried a search and couldn’t find anything.

Very Cool Marshmallow Igloos? lol…

Various Coders Messing Irrationally :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I admit I’ve spent quite some time once trying to figure out what it may mean. I came out with some combinations, none making much sense actually, from the more pompous Versatile Code Master Integrator to the less serious Very Cool Modding Interface/Initiative (and some others in between). But eventually I gave up deciding to trust Tow on this one (who last time still preferred to keep it a secret IIRC).

I frankly don’t much care what it stands for (to some extent of course), as long as the project will eventually succeed to reach completion. My only small concerns are PR-related:

  • It doesn’t seem particularly easy to pronounce (e.g.: WoG, SoD, WoW, HotA, Civ have all 1-2 syllables, VCMI has 4), flexible (e.g.: can’t make a verb out of it, as we have now “wogify”) or at least sounding somewhat cool (e.g.: QuickSilver). So the expectations of what the acronym means to make up for that could be quite high.
  • In case we’re not sure if we keep it as final name, the later we make a change, the more difficult may be, if people got used with a name for years. Though it can be that there are reasons why it’s preferred to keep the project under a different code name until the release of the final version (1.0).

I like this one, means pretty much what we all expect from the project.

Originally the name of the project comes from “New Heroes of Might and Magic” in Quenya (approximately “Vinyar Callor Meletya Ingole”, but it needs prepositions and a few other fixes). I hope Tow won’t kill me for revealing it ;).

One good thing about this name is that it’s quite unique (when I type VCMI in google, all results on the first page are related to our project). Anyway, we could pronounce VCMI as two syllables (e.g. vec-mi - like in ‘vector’ and ‘mine’). Could you think of a better expansion that produces two syllables? Then it could be advertised as suggested pronunciation.

That’s it. You’re toasted. :laughing:

Are you sure it’s not just the Polish Google? I get a lot of other matches on my side (though VCMI grew up to the 3rd in the list for the last year). But I admit it’s still rather unique otherwise.

That’s pretty cool actually. Though it may be interesting to know which are those prepositions. With a bit of luck, we may end up with a slightly different acronym for easier pronunciation. Heroes of Might and Magic didn’t end up shortened HMM (no preposition), neither HoMaM (both prepositions). Somehow HoMM felt like the better choice. Similarly we don’t have ItWoG but just WoG. On the other hand, it would probably be a pain having to change the domain name and everything.

For the best decision though, I can only advise you to check this with some Quenya specialists & English speakers, to first make sure we have it right in Quenya and then (if you want), see about the pronunciation (somehow “vec-mi” doesn’t really sound like an English speaker’s take on the acronym).

I’ve checked it on the Polish Google, with results in any language. When I switch to “Google in English” I get links related to our project on 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th position. Quite well anyway.

Maybe there are even no prepositions and just a conjunction (and). For example in “Heroes of Might and Magic”, in Polish ‘of’ is expressed by using genitive. As far as I can see Quenya has this case too, so only the word ‘and’ is left, which appears to be translated as ‘ar’ ( phy.duke.edu/~trenk/elvish/h … f_and.html ). If I’m correct we could get only ‘VCMaI’ which doesn’t seem better.

Yes, that’s the best we can do if we don’t want to change the name. I’ll discuss it with Tow.

When I Google VCMI, the first two results are the SourceForge site and Vcmi.eu.
VCMI is also scattered in the results by threads on various HoMM forums.

The “Vec-mi” pronunciation doesn’t seem to fit right, but that could be because of being from North America where every catch phrase is one syllable and ends with a consonant. :unamused:
But, it is a very unique name, as already mentioned.
Whenever I speak of the program, I stick to just saying the letters “V C M I.”

Hi everyone! Some of my friends have asked me what VCMI is an acronym for. To be honest, I didn’t know the answer, as I don’t much care what it stands for! However,thanks to you for this explanation. In fact, getessayeditor.com/blog/rules-and-usage-of-prepositions-in-english is an awesome post to be considered!

Answer is given in this topic.
“Originally the name of the project comes from “New Heroes of Might and Magic” in Quenya (approximately “Vinyar Callor Meletya Ingole”, but it needs prepositions and a few other fixes)”.
Nerdish, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Touché! :slight_smile:

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