What to expect working in VCMI

I read somewhere on wiki a list of implemented things but maybe someone can clear it out for me. What can I play now with VCMI (latest build)? (H3 SOD stuff only). Can I try a map? Are there maps that work 100%?

(I have tried The Imp and it crashes 1’st day when I receive Dragon Tooth necklace from a Hut. Is it a bug or VCMI is not that far?)

I hope I can give you guys a rest after this :).

That looks like a bug.

I think that it will be easier to report any missing features apart from obvious ones (RMG, campaigns, multiplayer). We have some missing spells (disguise, earthquake, view earth\air) but that’s mostly all. Everything else will be better to report - sometimes finding unimplemented features is more difficult than actual implementation :slight_smile:

Game should never crash, whether things are implemented or not.

But it does. Try clicking on the ‘custom’ button from the campaign selection button on the ppa build right now for instance.

I think even one of the buttons on the strategic layer crashed there too.

Heck, i just crashed with a heisenbug from starting the vanilla campaign. I repeated it too. It apparently requires very fast clicking.

The output is less than helpful.
Creating console and logfile: 0
Initialization: 0
Data loading: 70
Mod handler: 0
Mod filesystems: 30
Basic initialization: 100
Loading settings: 110
VCMI 0.91 (client)
Note: SDL suggests to use 32 bpp instead of24 bpp
New screen flags: 2147483648
Initializing screen: 50
Initializing video: 0
Initializing minors: 0
[smk @ 0x179e900] max_analyze_duration reached
Initializing sound: 20
Initializing screen and sound handling: 20
General text handler: 0
Hero handler: 10
Artifact handler: 10
Creature handler: 40
Town handler: 20
Object handler: 10
Def information handler: 30
Spell handler: 10
Loading mod In The Wake of Gods
Loading mod VCMI essential files
Initializing VCMI_Lib: 130
Screen handler: 0
Loading and transforming heroes’ flags: 130
Main graphics: 170
Initializing game graphics: 0
Message handler: 0
Initialization of VCMI (together): 570
Error: accessing unavailable frame 0:1 in CAnimation!
Starting scenario 0
Text: Our initial landing has captured a devastated outpost. Information is scarce and unreliable at best. Neighboring citizens have fled their villages. Remaining survivors tell conflicting stories. Evidence points to a Nighon invasion. Rally local militia and train them quickly. Destroy all hostile forces you encounter. Assume the worst. Assume we are at war.
Establishing connection…
Found endpoints:
Trying connection to (0)
Established connection with VCMI 0.91 (server)
Gamestate: 0
Server opened map properly.
Sending/Getting info to/from the server: 0
Using random seed: 1360550597
Open campaign map file:
Map loaded!
Our checksum for the map: 1989601742
Initialization: Picking grail position Picking random factions for players Randomizing objects Creating player entries in gs Giving starting hero Replacing hero placeholders Setting up resources Setting up heroes Fog of war Starting bonuses Towns Object initialization Checking objectivesSeed after init is 1939510818 (before was 1360550597)
Initializing GameState (together): 60
Creating mapHandler: 0
Unpacking and handling defs: 80
Preparing FoW, roads, rivers,borders: 20
Making object rects: 10
Initializing mapHandler (together): 110
Opening VCAI
Loaded VCAI
Player 2 will be lead by VCAI
Opening StupidAI
Loaded Stupid AI 0.1
CStupidAI [0x7f95755f4c40]: created
CStupidAI [0x7f95755f4c40]: init called, saving ptr to IBattleCallback
pure virtual method called
terminate called without an active exception
Aborted (core dumped)

pure virtual methods in constructors? Surely not. Even in java that is a faux-pas

Campaigns are half-implemented. Don’t try to play them yet.