What is current status of AI?


I tried vcmi back when it was at 0.96 and I was unlucky since at that time had the AI a serious bug.
I just tried again with the current “nightly build” and the AI is behaving better now, but it’s still quiet stupid.
AI now use creatures availiable in town and has actually attacked me once or twice. But still does a lot of “misstakes”, to name a few:

  • Doesn’t seem to be aware at all about my hostile heroes and sends weak heroes nearby that is a very easy kill.
  • Leaves the castle empty at all times.
  • Seems to move the heroes quite random (and creates A LOT of them).
  • Almost never attacks, not even when there is an obvious win,.

Is there something wrong with my installation or the map I played? What is the general status of AI today?

Yes. AI has no survival instinct. There was some branch on git that dealt with it, but it wasn’t finished.

Shouldn’t happen. Now (with nightly build) AI is able to attack enemy heroes. Which doesn’t mean it will neccessary do so in every situation.

What do you mean by that? Don’t pro players use a lot of heroes as well? :wink:

Ok… good to know! …and something to look forward to in future… :slight_smile:

Ok, I guess there is nothing wrong with my installation, but I just expected it to attack more frequently, escpecially when the AI had an “obvious win” against a hero with almost no creatures. Regarding “random movements”,see below.

Well…true…:slight_smile: but it seems that heroes are created when there is no obvious need for them. Like when the AI is locked/blocked in a small part of the map and there is little or nothing more to explore (maybe just wait to gather creatures to “break out”)… this may also be the cause for some of the “random movement” as I mentioned earlier…

If you want to have AI that is at least a bit entertaining do this.

Generate random map in editor (the model I used is M 3 players, no undergrond). You have to use original rmg to be able to edit the map.

Edit the map in editor set ai players as allies against you. Give them grail in town. In event editor set an event that will give every day +2 wood/ore +1 other resources, and +3000 gold to all AI players.

With such settings you should normally even loose with AI from time to time, however with vcmi AI this will not happen. However AI will sometime sit in castle with full army and you may be unable to attack take such town, also some heroes will have a big enough army for you to have an entertaining fight :slight_smile:

BTW I think it would be nice if difficulty levels would give AI extra resources and units on weekly/daily basis (maybe even extra experience for heroes) instead of changing starting resources.

Been enjoying VCMI 0.98, very nice, wish the best for progress of AI which doesn’t buy troops, once this fixed it will be great!
Thumbs up lads, keep up the good work :slight_smile: