What features are VCMI missing?

I wonder what things VCMI can´t do that normal heroes can?

you can use mods to vcmi and add creatures and forts and buildings.

That doesn´t answer my question at all.

This is discussion board. You can’t start one-sentence thread and wait for people to guess your thoughts.

Really? No one understood the question? I did, but can’t answer since I’m not really into what VCMI CAN’T do, that NORMAL heroes can do

There is a TODO list of planned features.

But the question is wrong to begin with. I’m not going to write down a list of 100 features from the top of my head - no one has time for that. If you think something is missing from the game, it’s up to you, the user, tell us, the developers about that.

You state that the question is wrong to begin with, and yet, what follows is not a justification for your first claim.
Your correct claim is " i wouldn´t want to answer this question"
Yet with linking the TODO list, you answered the question, Thanks!