What about some HD-mod functionalities in VCMI?

We all know that HD-mod gives some fine solutions that let players saving some nerves :wink: For example: buy all creatures button and heroes meeting screen. Now people make another plugin that exapanse hd-mod functionability.
http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=44581 Do you guys think of sth similar? Initiative bar is one of the best your ideas how to improve gameplay without touching mechanics!

This should described as definite feature requests. Also new buttons, widgets etc requires open assets to be made first. Programming such features is almost trivial.

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Some features like

[+] Range of kills for creature attacks
[+] Effect and range of kills/resurrections for single-target spells
don’t require graphics, it’s just extended information in battle bar.
and some features use button and widgets located in *.lod files (so need only good re-design).

This could be easier after PR 359 merged

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new buttons are must have for VCMI as well as additional resolutions

Not exactly HD-mod related but it will be usefull feature that when we right-click on an enemy in combat, the textbox remains open after releasing the right-mouse button - for example to check duration of some spells on enemy stacks.

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