Weak and stupid AI


I want to ask for help. I started play H3 with VCMI (before i play H3 HD) on my Note20 Ultra (android). I tried random map 2vs2 (me with allie vs2 PC) and after 2 months the AI did nothing. They have built castle with 7 lvl monsters also with upg, but their strongest hero have weak army. The whole army stays unbought in castles. I see it on my allie and also checked the opponents. ( I tried sent 100k gold to allie if to figure out if he is not out of gold, but he bought nothing)

Once when I took opponents main castle he bought new 7 heroes and came next to the my new castle, but without army.

When i tried Nullkiller all of AI wrote vcmieagles a after that i had clean whole map.

Can I do something with this, because this is unplayble. I want to have stronger opponents at least like in normal H3.

Thank you for your help and feedback.

What type of AI are you using?

Most likely VCAI. Nullkiller buys army mostly unconditionally

Maybe we will be able to workaround Nullkiller opening whole map by cheat when we allow VCAI to be used for friendly AI

Nullkiller AI is not satisfied in some actions as well. Sometimes AI is no active and just stand in map. They can seldom use high level spells simply because they never build mage guild.