Warlock town vcmi 0.99 + other stuff probably coming soon

So i went back and decided to finish the heroes 2 warlock town i had started back when i first found out about vcmi. I’m sure it needs much balancing but for now it’s working pretty good. I finished the siege screen and stuff recently so let me know what you think.

dropbox.com/s/7nhb5ee4dscg2 … k.rar?dl=0

I think next i’ll be working on adding some things to the fairy town i had converted over to vcmi a while ago. Namely the hero sprite and a set of fairy heroes. I’ve also been going through all of the towns that people have made and will be updating them to 0.99 as best i can while squashing any error codes and camelcase stuff i run across. Stay tuned!

Hah, finished Warlock Town! Hoo-ray! Thank you!

Zeryss not only converted your town to 0.99 but also changed line-up and add heroines with her own specialties. I think it is wise to develop one version to avoid confusing with two different and parrable mod developing. Check mod wiki list.

Most of existing towns are converted to 0.99 version without errors and camelCase issues. Only small issuea are missing due to lacking graphic. Check mod wiki list :slight_smile:

I downloaded all of the ones in the towns thread, some of them had weird characters in it from translations that i removed and a few were missing commas making some invalid json file errors. I’ll download that fairy update and work from there. I was planning on adding wings to the heroes and their world map sprites. Also going to go through the heroes to make sure they have unique hero art and stuff.

Here’s mod list with most recent mods: wiki.vcmi.eu/index.php?title=Mod_list

Ok so i went through all of those and a couple of them still had camelcase errors and abyss had some problems with the json of a creature for mana drain. I fixed those here are the links if anyone wants them.

New Preserve
dropbox.com/s/c48oka8z63c2c … e.rar?dl=0

New Abyss
dropbox.com/s/ez7w7jmmdr3v7 … s.rar?dl=0

dropbox.com/s/x5zx9wkfo5t19 … n.rar?dl=0

dropbox.com/s/1o9ygld4fvbai … m.rar?dl=0

Also i noticed Mythology town was missing
dropbox.com/s/rqo0q62wjn5kp … y.rar?dl=0

I also went ahead and renamed the old preserve to Glade and replaced all of the creatures using defs from the internet. I had to go ahead and make the little adventure map sprites for a lot of them because they did not have them. The leprechaun i rearranged his idle animation so he’s not sitting there doing the clover animation over and over on repeat but instead only when he attacks or is selected. I also replaced his projectile with a rainbow, and recolored him for his upgrade because i thought leprechaun to hobbit was kind of off. I made sure to redo all of the heroes and their special ability icons to the new creatures and gave them new names and faces so as to not get mixed up with the new preserve. Also i renamed the two classes for the same purpose.

dropbox.com/s/srjhzpvycpj28 … e.rar?dl=0

Work in progress for fairy hero

Cetatea was causing crashes on the siege screen. I fix that error one of the files was named wrong and there was a non shooter as the shooter hehe.

dropbox.com/s/1fl58jlb7p91n … a.rar?dl=0

Thank you very much! More people play and report/fix bugs, the better mods cometh! :smiley:

Because this mod is mess in this form. Now I talk to zeryss (author of this port) about his other town mods and Mythology is in queue. Even mod doesn’t give any yellow and red warnings, still remain few things to fix. For example:

  • Heroes specialities is a mess. Some might heroes have specialities in spells (!), some magic heroes have specialities in creatures (!!), some might heroes have spellbook from the start (!!!), some magic heroes doesn’t spellbook (!!!) OK, heroes from MDT Forge are strange too, but MDT Forge Team said this is purpose and will be clarified in planned Forge campaign after relasing map editor. In other cases it is obviously bug.
  • AI/Fight values and AdvMap values should be investigated to proper calculating.
  • if i recall corretly non upgrated 2nd level creature has more damage than 4th.
  • creature map sprites: H3 rule is than non upgraded creatures are right-oriented, upgraded are left-oriented, so some defs need to be mirroring.
  • Mythology’s magic class is Oracle. The same as Abyss magic class. I want to make all vcmi mods as consistent universe, so it will be fine not to use the same names twice. As you see, making good mod with new town is tough work. Details are deadly :slight_smile:

Yuppi-yay-yey! I had the similar idea but no time, so I will gladly play your Glade Town. And investige it as well :stuck_out_tongue: Once again, thank you for your outstanding effort!

Nice work and idea to move cities from h2 to vcmi :). Keep going!

oh wow i hadn’t noticed the orientations for the upgrades and i’ve been playing heroes 3 since highschool! hah you learn new things everyday. I had no clue mythology was all over the place like that either! I guess i gotta go through glade and flip all of the map sprites for the new creatures.

Wow, go to sleep one night and wake up to a bustling new topic!!! Good job guys!

@Acidchalk : if you are still interested I could very much use your expertise on my Death Valley team! I have the townscreen all worked up, and a working idea in my head for all structures functions. Avatar has volunteered his skills for jsons. I could definitely use help with making the extra borders/ areas, importing the monsters, etc. I’ll send you a buncha stuff to start with (it’s not well organized) The animations would be a wonderful starting point.

HC Realms Death Valley thread

I am still having trouble getting the updated Cetatea files to work. I am pretty sure it’s because my VCMI isn’t after the date specified on the mod list, but I am not entirely sure how to fix that. Any suggestions?

yeah download the newest one on here vcmi.arseniyshestakov.com/windows/ and just overwrite your files with the ones in the zip.

Awesome, that seems to have done the trick! Thanks!

Acidchalk, have you considered to make graphic for Grail structure to your Warlock town?

Yeah i’ve been considering it. I could always just take all of the stuff they did to it on succession wars so it plays like their version. But for now i’m going to take a break from it and work on bringing some old ones up to speed like the sorceress and necro one and that heroes 5 necro one.

btw guys that glade town is just something i slapped together real quick. Please feel free to make whatever balance changes you guys all feel it needs and it’s more of a clean slate than anything.

Oh nice! I really like the siege screen! I had been trying to port these to VCMI, about 3 years ago, I believe I still have those files and maybe you have those as well, just updated. I don’t think those had the siege towers or the H2 styled water in the moat! :open_mouth: