Version for a small screens

I would like to know, will it be version on screen resolutions like 320x480, 240x320 and ect…?
I very want to play this game on my android, but i can`t, because my Android have not so large resolution

Good luck to creators of this wonderful port…

Look better… here. That’s all we have for now.

Sorry, it is my fail
Will you make versions for smaller screens in future??

Hi dartrevan16,

VCMI is currently being developed for PC (Windows & Linux) only. An Android port is not currently considered partly because none of the coders is experienced in the area, and partly because spending time and effort in making another port, would delay the completion of the current project. With the resources we currently have, VCMI will probably not be fully functional sooner than in a couple of years. By then most Android devices will actually support 800x600, so smaller resolutions will not be needed anymore.

If anyone wants - as a hobby - to attempt porting the unfinished version of VCMI to Android, they are welcome to experiment, but that will not be done as part of the scope of the current project (at least not until new coders, experienced in Android as well, join the developers team).