Vcmibuilder - Not a supported Inno Setup installer!

Downloaded this file from GOG while ago.
Running archlinux, I have innoextract installed. Any help?

vcmibuilder --gog Data/Downloads/GOG_Galaxy_Heroes_of_Might_and_Magic_3_Complete.exe 
Not a supported Inno Setup installer!
Done with 1 error.

I know it could be late for you but for others gog started to use new version of innosetup (which is 5.6.2) and currently innoextract stable build does not support the new version.To overcome the issue you have to build - compile the latest version from the source that is on the github page. Even though commit itself states it is preliminary support for the 5.6.2 version I myself tested in Archlinux and it works flawlessly.