VCMI: WoG Custom Features


Hello everyone, I’m new to all that VCMI stuff and just began testing my HoMM VCMI+WoG mod. I’ve been used to play the original WoG 3.58f version and I didn’t seem to be able to find the WoG menu that allows you to custom the rules (Wogifying, Henchman, Unit’s XP bonus, etc). Also, I cannot see the number of units that will be killed while having the mouse on the enemy (it only shows the damage it will do). Are those functionality not available on VCMI or did I just missed those? Thanks for your answers.


WoG is not fully implemented. I dare not say when or something like that is going to happen, or if it is going to happen. Just a fan :wink: . So if you miss those features, the only way is to play like you used to do.


Thanks for your answer, I hope someone will finish the WoG adaptation someday. Anyway, I’ve found a new way to play the game: Creating my own mods and try them out! I’m actually remaking WoG’s Neutral Town with slightly different creatures choices and in a more balanced way. I’m pretty satisfied of how simple it is now to create a town. God bless VCMI haha!

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