VCMI Project builds

Hi, I am new to your development.
Should I Trust your google play store app or your VCMI Project builds more? Are they both exactly the same in structure, connection and trust? I am someone who only trusts google play store approved versions of apps but obviously likes your updated versions more. Just a question of trust and security. Which should I choose for promised security and privacy? I saw the Linux executables Present in the app. I was warned about the apps permissions but don’t remember them currently. online connection and access to files was warned. Virustotal scanned the app. Showed some questionable details.
Being an open source volunteer project, is there any need to be uncomfortable with files, whether it’s mods or project builds ect?
Appreciate it

Definitelly daily builds are better. If you aware of trust and security - the best way for you is compile source code by yourself and build your own version. It’s not comfortable way, but most secure, I think.

I see. Well aside from building my own, I assume you don’t suspect anything concerning about these builds available on the website right, or is it not possible to know? So you’re saying that play store doesn’t make it safer in any way?

I don’t have such knowlegde what if safer, but open source projects mean to me that everyone, who is skilled in C++ language, can analize the code and building scripts so for all these years if code would be suspicious, someone would notice it. That’s why I assume that daily builds are safe because they are generated automically from source code.

Could you tell me why I cannot find any updates of HD function in lastest release?
I have already downloaded release which updated in Jan 4th and I found the changelogs of HD assets.

However, there is no update of client here.

I appreciate for any responses.

You must download new version of vcmi essential files - there are missing hd mod assets of hero exchange window. (daily builds don’t store any new graphics).

Thanks for answering me, but I still cannot find it…could you provide a link to me?
Second one.

Thanks a lot for sharing me.
I look forward to finding exchange button in town screen.

This feature wasn’t implemented yet, only hero exchange screen.

Does it only support by mod? maybe I can do it myself.

Quick exchange buttons from HD mod is optional thing so it was implemented as a mod initially. And later it was included to vcmi-essentials. Android do not allow to easily use ctrl shift and alt modifiers so it will not be as usable as for PC.
Play store is way outdated and it is a little bit hard to update it unfortunately. The builds are uploaded to our server by github and only a few persons have access to the server. All code merged to develop undergoes code review. If you are afraid of downloads server you can grab the same build from GitHub It is equivalent to building it yourself.