VCMI on smartphones

I’ve played around with Palm Heroes on an iPod Touch, and it’s not too bad, although I found the interface with the touch screen to be quite frustrating. Moving your hero where you want is very hard to do.
Phones are just too small replicate the playability of Heroes on a computer. Or maybe my fingers are just to big, hehe.
But, if I was waiting at a bus stop for an hour or so, it would be nice to play a quick random scenario.

Not really, my HTC (BlueAngel) is not new generation :stuck_out_tongue:

Minimum specifications (1.01 version):
5 MB free space
minimum 240x320 touch screen

New version of Palm Heroes was relased (1.05.3) and it’s free for WM and Lite Version for iPhone (include source code for 1.03 version).

I would like to see a port to the freerunner phone. Its native linux running on a 400 mhz / 128 MB ram phone (with a realy stupid graphic card). It can debian etc.