VCMI on *nix (including OS X)

I’ve been trolling about for what to do now that my Mac OS X machine will no longer run the OS 9 Classic needed to run my old HMM3 game. I am very happy to see you guys love HMM3 as much (more? :slight_smile: as the rest of us diehards. No, I don’t want “realistic” 3D graphics (YMFHO (The Y stands for “Yawn”)). Yes, I want an amazing strategy game with the superbly stylized 2D graphics of HMM3 (not to mention the music!)

I would love to play(test) VCMI on my Mac and/or on my Linux box. Any motion in this direction?

At any rate, even if this just stays windows only, it is still fantastic. I would love to see this game continue to be played, supported and to evolve in the direction that keeps it consistent with what has made this game so special. It might be the one thing that gets me to boot my Linux box into windows… :slight_smile:

Excellent job guys. Love the heart and efforts,


We are working on *nix version of VCMI, but it’s still more stable on Windows. We are not going to release build for Mac OS X soon but you can always download sources and build VCMI on your own (automated build configuration files are included).

Thanks for appreciation :).

HoMM III (any Windows version WoG too) works quite fine under Wine. You might want to try that for the time being.