VCMI MultiPlayer Question

I searched as best I could through the forum to answer my question, but was not able to find it.

Does multi player work in VCMI 0.7? When I click it nothing happens. I wanted to make sure I didn’t install something incorrectly so I don’t continue to pull my hair out.

Great job otherwise!

No, multiplayer is not yet fully implemented (and is not available), although we have done most of the work.

Thank you very much! I look forward to it.

i know it’s been a while, but how has the work been progressing :slight_smile: ?

So far, the only thing implemented is HotSeat.

I will let the devs reply how’s the progress on the other multiplayer types (I know Tow was planning to work more on multiplayer this summer, but I don’t know more details).

In general, I guess we first need to complete all basic (single player) functionalities, maybe better battle AI, before we can go “online”, so I assume there’s still a good number of months to go before we see more multiplayer types implemented.

I’m going to start working on network MP soon after 0.82 is released. It will be long process however and functionalities will be gradually added. VCMI uses client-server architecture anyway (since 0.62 build) so work on networking won’t interfere with missing SP functionalities development.

It is very nice to read this. We are eagerly looking forward for network MP support in VCMI. Original HOMM 3 game has bugs with MP over Wine , it does not seem playable after our tedious desperate efforts. Linux version of Loki is very old and not playable on new systems either. You are our only hope. We are fully concentrated on the developments here.