VCMI Map Editor error validating random maps

I’ve been enjoying VCMI for the past few weeks. I tried to create some random maps using the VCMI Map Editor (v0.1) and I can randomly generate the map. However, I cannot save it without getting the following notification:

Map has critical problems and most probably will not be playable.
Open Validator from the Map menu to see issues found

Attempting to validate the map using Map > Validate gives me a popup window repeating the following error multiple times:

Spell scroll Spell Book is prohibited by map settings

I have to search through the entire generated map to find spell scrolls placed by the map generator and delete them. I would like to be able to place spell scrolls in my maps, and the options for Spell Books and Spell Scrolls are both checked in Map > General > Artifacts.

Similar behavior occurs regardless of which template I use. I’m terribly confused and don’t know what to do about this. Is there something I misunderstand about map generation?

Hi! Basically, you can simply ignore this error.
If you have version VCMI-1.3.1 it fully supports spell scrolls. So when you place scroll, you can specify spell in object properties in the right side of the window.
When you are saving map and see this validator warning, map will be saved anyway. To confirm it’s playable, you can reopen it with map editor just in case and see that everything is there. Hopefully, you can enjoy VCMI!

Oh okay. Thanks a lot for explaining that. I really should have checked the folder where I was trying to save the map to see if it had been written.