VCMI Launcher : Submod managing

Hi, I’m making 2 optional sub-mods that I don’t want to be enabled by default by people who download my mod.

Is there a way to make a submod disabled by default on VCMI Launcher ?

  • If yes, how should I proceed ?
  • If not, could developers consider adding this feature ?

“keepDisabled” : true,
Your Refugee mod downloadable from the launcher has disabled wog submod in such way.

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Also, if you are making compatibility patch for your mod to work nicely with other mods, you can use

"modType" : "Compatibility"

Mods of this type are hidden in Launcher and are enabled automatically if player uses all mods listed as dependencies.

So if you have submod with

"modType" : "Compatibility",
"depends" : [ "wake-of-gods.creatures"]

It will be automatically enabled only if player uses your mod and “wake-of-gods.creatures”, without need for manual turning submod on or off.

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Thanks, that’s what I was looking for.
I made a feature as requested by someone, but it causes a known issue that cannot be fixed.