VCMI launcher - some notices

New version new launcher. Very nice. It really better, than before.

But after launching it and minimal usage coming a lot of strange things…

  1. Russian languange - unusable, but set by default. Why?
    I have to change language to English due to (almost) missing russian text on labels, buttons, etc.
    F.e. Stettings screenshot:

so, its fully unusable.

  1. Resolution: In list ONLY 800x600. A have to google a lot, to find a way to enter game, change in ingame settings resolution…and after this in launcher settings i have full set of resoultions! Guys, that is abnormal way, should NOT be like this. If in-game settings knows (obtain, ofc) full list of available resolutions, launcher should know it as well.
  1. Launcher settings sub-tabs (or how its called? have no idea) - list with items like General, Video, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
    All full settings content shown it right side, and no any reaction to click on any of this block selectors.

P.S. After decreasing launcher window height to absolute minimum - found that click really have reaction, so right part scrolling to requested block. Have no idea, what is the sense for present screens and resolutions, when all settings always fit without scrolling. Maybe actual for mobile phones only, dont know.

  1. Field (memo) for check updates URL - have minimal height for 5 lines. Used 1 only.

P.S. Thats not a critic, i just want to notice some oblivious things :slight_smile: