VCMI is quitting

Hey guys,

I have reinstalled VCMI after a longer pause.
I have moved the H3 contents into the folder designated by the install procedure and the game actually starts properly.

The problem is when I want to play a single player map or a campaign.
For the campaign the intro video is playing normally but then when the map is supposed to load the game quits. Same with single player when I start the map the game quits.

I have not changed any settings, I have designated the tablet touchscreen settings in the beginning when I was asked and that seems to be working fine.
I am using a Nexus 5 device btw.

Any clue what I am doing wrong or what I should do to play normally? What info would you require from me to solve this?

thanks a lot for any advice you can give


I have the same issue with my Nexus 4 device, with Android v. 5.0.
I wonder it this may be the Android 5.0 issue only.
Can you please check your android version?

Guys if you want to help with fixing this problem please try to contact author of Android version as recommended on Google Play page: [email protected]

it is indeed Android 5.0.
and I think it was working normally before on 4.4.

Same problem here.

My de vice is a moto x 2nd generation with Android 5.0 , i cant play any map.

0.97 is not working good on Android (it takes a lot of time to load to main menu, and almost always it crashes while creating map.
We will have to wait until 0.97b (or 0.98) will be compiled for Android.

PS VCMI Team is not a supporter for Android version.

There is a misunderstandig here guys. The VCMI team for the PC is **not the maintainer of the Android ** version. YOu just have gone to wrong board and asked the wrong guys for advice. Some of the devs even don’t have an Android device.

Reinstalled VCMI yesterday, as I wanted to check out New Abyss and Polish Forge towns. Could play for a while, until game started to crash at startup after a load. Unninstalled, reinstalled, recompiled again, just not working. :frowning:

Hi, can you post console output & log files from ~/.cache/vcmi ?

What could have happened:

  • vcmiserver is still running for some reason. Kill it:
killall -9 vcmiserver
  • Something wrong with mods - try disabling all of them but VCMI core mods via Launcher.
  • Any chance that you’ve run vcmi as root? I remember some issues coming from this.

Hello Ivan and thanks for quick reply. Turned out I didn’t unninstall correctly, now is working again. Cheers