VCMI Forum Statistics

One of the cool features of this forum - IMO - is the Statistics page. Maybe not so special for some, but I’m very much into numbers & statistics, so for me it’s quite interesting.

I was considering for some time already to open this thread, and today (February 1st) it’s maybe a good day, as I noticed that it’s exactly 1 year since this forum was created. So I guess a Happy Birthday! is appropriate. :slight_smile:

Here’s an overview of the past year:

Not surprisingly the peaks (in new users/topics/posts) seem to coincide with the school vacations, and a bit through the first 1-2 months of a school semester (when nobody is thinking of studying, isn’t it?). :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll see how things will evolve this year, but one thing is clear: VCMI is looking better every day. So the project continues to be as promising as the first time I passed by this place, which keeps me motivated to continue the testing. Many thanks to Tow & Tow dragon for all their work so far. Gook luck further to you and to ambtrip as well now. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably pass by every now and then in the week-ends and comment on some of the other Statistics as well (whenever I’ll feel like posting sth else than just bug reports I guess :p).

Cheers all! :wink:

Wow, it’s an year since we’ve created this forum. It has passed really quickly…
VCMI project had been started in May 2007 ans was developed quietly for months. Forum was founded when VCMI 0.5 (first version from 0.5x branch intended to be publicly released) was ready.
After testing (with the help of the WoG Team), we finally managed to make our first publicly announced release on Feb 23. You’ve registered about seven hours later. Nice result :wink:
I’m happy with the progress we’ve made during last year, though still a lot of work awaits ahead. I hope that VCMI will have become playable by the end of this year.

And your testing keeps us motivated to continue improving VCMI. :smiley:
Thank you again for all your time given to our project, you’re doing really great job! :slight_smile:

PS. If you are interested in forum statistics I can give you access to our Google Analytics profile, it has much more information (I need only your google account mail address).

So, we had 0.5 if February 2008 and now 0.7 in February 2009. Does it mean that in about a year from now we’ll be at 0.9? :slight_smile:

And btw, what do you have in mind for 1.0? At that stage, is the game supposed to be an identical copy (in functionality) of Heroes 3 Complete? Or will WoG be in there as well?

Indeed - I remember I was quite excited when I first saw the announcement about VCMI on Celestial Heavens. :slight_smile:

About the date, my “Happy Birthday” in the initial post was because I saw you & Tow dragon registered on February 1st, which would make it the date when this place was created. :wink:

Thanks. I’ll send you a PM with my GMail account. It should be interesting to check that out, though the available statistics give me already enough material for now, whenever I’ll feel like some off-topic impressions. :stuck_out_tongue: It would be interesting, in a couple of years from now, to look back and see how things have changed (for example, while now the Polish threads still represent the majority, by the time the game will be finished, I’m pretty sure the activity on the International board will become pretty dominant; or for example it would be interesting to see how the “battle of the browsers/OS’s” will evolve :p).

So, to take a look at the next category:

There’s not much to be said, except that there seems to be a rather balanced situation between the most active Polish and International topics, though in terms of views/replies, the International section represents only about a third of the total.

More interesting for me, was trying to figure out what some of the Polish words mean. :slight_smile:

→ **Pomysły **for example, based on the high activity and the fact that it starts with “Pom” (the root of a similar word in another Slavic language), I would guess this must be the “Help” thread :slight_smile:

→ and Bledy w VCMI must be “Bugs in VCMI”, right? Though I don’t know if “bled” would really mean “bug”, as I doubt many other languages would use their word for this “type” of insect, to refer to errors in a software application.

As for the others, I’m not even going to try to figure out what they mean, as I can’t link them to anything from the languages I know. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m only a bit curious what WoH stands for? I guess it’s not “WoG” in Polish… but is it another mod or sth?

Pomysły - it’s ,ideas" topic in fact. We are calling help ,pomoc". Yeah, both are beggining with ,pom-".
Błędy w VCMI - yeah, ,błąd" is more official than ,bug" (i would say that the best translation for ,błąd" is ,mistake" or ,error"), but you were rigth in fact.

Wow… then we must have a lot of ideas there, as it’s the most active topic in the whole forum. :smiley:

And would you happen to know also what “WoH” stands for?

Anyway, thx for the reply btw. :wink:

‘Pasek kolejności w bitwie’ means ‘stack queue in battle’
‘Większe rozdzielczości’ means ‘Greater resolutions’
‘Miesięcznik WoH’ means ‘WoH monthly’. WoH stands for World of Heroes but despite english name, the rest is in polish (it’s an internet periodical)

The rest has already been translated.

Thx. Greater resolutions is indeed sth I guess many of us are looking forward to, as screens have evolved quite a lot since 10 year ago. :slight_smile:

About WoH, now that you mention, I do remember seeing once a PDF of the periodical, and - although I didn’t understand much - I did think that it’s really a great job from those who made it.

Let’s have a look, VCMI as the way to promote polish culture abroad? :wink: What the world has come to…

It’s not likely to create something without creativity, right?

My monitor didn’t change since then, maybe it’s just more gray than when I got it :stuck_out_tongue: Actually I find LCDs inferior to CRTs as they held progress for about five years. I do believe back then it was more likely to find resonable 1600x1200 then it’s now.

And why not? :slight_smile: Poland is one of the biggest countries in Europe. Maybe it was about time I started to learn some basic words… like błędy, rozdzielczości… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Well, on the other hand VCMI didn’t exist in Feb 2007, so it’s not so simple. :wink: I hope though that we’ll manage to finish 0.9 by the end of this year. But I’ve never managed to predict date of release further then nearest one.

I haven’t decided definitely yet. VCMI 1.0 rather won’t be an identical copy of H3 but it should provide its all significant for gameplay features (and some of WoG features). It should have at least basic AI. Working and stable multiplayer mode.
It will be basically the first really playable release.
It is not end of the project. It’ll end only first phase of its development.

Another basic phrase: “O nie, tylko nie znowu te cholerne ścieżki!” = “Oh no, not the bloody paths again!” :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=75]I’m not sure why I’m resurrecting this. Maybe it’s just that autistic side of me which doesn’t like to leave things unfinished :stuck_out_tongue:, but here it goes. Last time I discussed the Most Active Topics, so today follow the Most Viewed Topics:[/size]

  1. It’s nice to see that people are disciplined, as it seems they are all going first to the ‘Welcome…’ thread when visiting this forum for the first time. :slight_smile: In the same time, it may also mean that the topic Subject was well chosen and that the forum is in general well organized, so that people can easily find their way to that thread. :wink:
  2. Pomysły = Ideas (now I know :p). I’ve already commented on this one (that it’s great to know there’s so much creativity on this forum:). Maybe now I could ask you how to pronounce that. :slight_smile: Is the “y” pronounced like in English, or not at all? :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. HotA. People are certainly looking forward to that mod. It does look promising, I give it that. And even if there were some elements in it I’m not particularly found of, I hope it turns out to be a great mod, which will satisfy the tastes of all H3 fans. And if that’ll be the case, I guess in the far future VCMI will be able to support it same as it plans to support WoG.
  4. “I want to help…” - same as for the “Welcome…” thread, it’s nice to see people are checking this thread as well, to see how they can be of help. :slight_smile:
  5. “Bledy w VCMI” - I’ve seen above what it means. Once you guys tell me how “y” is pronounced, I’ll pretty much know how to say it as well. :stuck_out_tongue:
  6. “Installation problems…” that much I easily figured out. “uruchomienia” was tougher. :stuck_out_tongue: I googled it and I found it means “start-up”. Is that the literal meaning? If yes, which part of the word means “start” in Polish?
  7. The English ‘Main bug thread’ will slowly but surely go down in the list in time, as all new bugs are reported in new threads.
  8. Większe rozdzielczości = Greater resolutions. As opposed to the ‘Main bug thread’, this is a topic that I hope will remain very popular. I’m looking forward to more and more nice layouts for various resolutions suitable for 19 to 24" monitors, as above 1024x768, there will be available space for different creative ideas. :slight_smile:
  9. The 0.55 release seems to have been quite ‘popular’, though much of that popularity seems to have been due to the misunderstanding of what VCMI is (i.e.: not another mod) and in which stage it actually was back then (I admit I was also let down by the lack of playability back then… only as of 0.6x I found enough in the game to enjoy testing)
  10. “Pasek kolejności w bitwie”. The translation of the first word got me a bit confused (= strip or thong as per internet translators :-/ ). Luckily the translation of the other words (i.e.: “sequence in battle”) helped reassure I’m still on the right forum. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I do a agree with you. When it comes to image quality, LCDs held progress for at least 5 years maybe. However, what made me come to peace with the evolution to LCDs, are the 2 positive factors about them:

  • They take way less space on my desk and are certainly less heavy (already moving my old 17" CRT around used to be quite a hazard)
  • Due to their smaller volume, I can only assume they produce less potential waste once they reach the end of their life (unless their components are more toxic than CRTs - but I haven’t heard anything like that yet). I wouldn’t have cared about this 10 years ago, but as it seams this planet is slowly heading towards an ecological disaster, I’m more and more sensitive to this aspect lately.

Błędy w VCMI mean - Bugs in VCMI :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, “problemy instalacji i uruchomienia” - problems with installation and run game

Yes, I’ve seen above what it means. :wink: However I was wondering how do you pronounce it (particularly the “y”)… :slight_smile:

And for the other one, I was wondering what is the literal translation of “uruchomienia”. Meaning, if it really means “run game” for example, which part of the word is “run” and which is “game”. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just about running or starting. ‘Uruchom’ means literally run (launch). The rest is just deadly grammar.
In Polish there is no distinction between ‘start’ and ‘start-up’ - and you won’t tell me there’s actual difference in English.

Well, I’m sure tstandley or Steven, as native English speakers, could easily find some differences between the two, but I see what you mean. Thanks for the explanation! :wink:

Zamolxis, we pronounce “y” like “i” in “it”. Maybe our “y” is little harder vowel then that “i”. (Hm… I don’t know if i’m telling comprehensibly :wink: )

But probably I can’t tell you how we pronounce whole word “błędy” :slight_smile:
“łę” is the biggest problem :wink: “ł” is “w” in English, but “ę”… hm…

Oh, maybe I know! “Błędy” should sound like “B”+“when”+d+our “y” (“i” from “it”). Try to say :smiley:

I think I get it - “ę” must be some sort of nasal vowel then (?) and similarly “ą” as well. But correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, thanks a lot for the explanation! :slight_smile: Languages are like my 3rd hobby after games & movies. :stuck_out_tongue:

ę is nose e
ą is nose o

i think y is like y in hydro* (if I pronounce hydro* properly)

Well, firstly “Problemy instalacji i uruchomienia” is not correct title. It means “Problems of installation and starting-up” which suggests that the installation (not we) has some problems.
It should be rather “Problemy z instalacją i uruchomieniem” (Problems with installation and starting-up).
“Uruchomienia” is a genitive form of “uruchomienie” (starting-up) which is deverbal noun (gerund) from “uruchomić” verb (to start-up). “Uruchomieniem” is a intrumental case of “uruchomienie”.
(Alternative, maybe even better, is the imperfective form: “uruchamianiem” (n. instr.) < “uruchamianie” (ger.) < “uruchamiać” (v. inf.))

The basic particle here is “ruch” (movement). Its derivates are adjective “ruchomy” (movable) and verb “uruchomić” (make something to be movable, put into motion > start-up).

Start-up has AFAIK narrower meaning, it’s equivalent to out “uruchomić”. It means more or less “to put some mechanism into motion”, “to make something start working”. (it’s probably not a correct English but I hope you’ll catch the idea :slight_smile: )
We can “uruchomić” a game, a car or some new service (when a company prepared and started offering it).

But “start” can mean also “get down to do sth”, “begin” - Polish counterpart can be “zacząć”.
We have also verb derived from “start”: “startować”. It is applied mostly to start of plane or rocket or sport competitions.

AFAIK it is not. English pronunciation of hydro- is [haɪdrə-] (we would transcribe it as “hajdro-”).
Our Y vowel (IPA ɨ]) is rather not used in English. Wikipedia says it’s the close central unrounded vowel :slight_smile:

If you are curious how various phrases sound in Polish, you may try the IVONA speech synthetizer. Works quite decent and can be used from your browser :slight_smile:

sorry for hydro stuff
its borrowed from greek and I thought it’s every pronounced the same
… which isn’t true

although I found recently that polish “y” is generally slavic sound (the middle and east europe there is many slavian ie. polish russia slovakia etc.) but it’s used in a few non slavic languages ie. hungarian

and i hope hydro in greek has the same sound for y as us (PL), am I wrong?