VCMI for macOS


Great to hear! At some moments I even thought I’m the only OS X vcmi user :slight_smile: It would be great to hear any feedback and ideas how to make OS X workflow better (I know it’s not ideal)


Small patch that fixes new FindFFmpeg.cmake script for OS X


Maybe if you are tired submitting my patches you can create svn account for me :wink:


Patch committed.

I’m fine with patches but if you want commit access you’ll need to register on and ask Tow for it. (send PM - not sure if he is reading this thread)


I am. :slight_smile:

Give me you SF account name and I’ll give you commit privilage.


Another small OS X patch:

  1. On OS X vcmi now uses “~/Library/Application Support/vcmi” instead of “~/.vcmi” according to OS X guidelines.
  2. osx-vcmibuilder now uses Notification Center on OS X 10.8

And according to SVN access I’ve changed my mind. Maybe I’ll wait for VCMI to completely migrate to git :slight_smile:


Committed in r3155.
There was an issue with paths, I had to remove that a/ b/ from them to be able to apply the patch.

As you wish. Still, it may take quite a while. :wink:


Yet another OS X patch:

  1. vcmiclient now usese custom Info.plist
  2. Original H3 game data is now also stored in Application Support folder


I’ve also updated Xcode prebuilt libraries pack. Added a new framework that will be used in future. So it would be very great if someone uploads new version to


It’ll be best if you PM me when you need something uploaded — then I get email notice. I check email more often than forums. :slight_smile:


Yet another OS X patch:

  • Custom Info.plist
  • VCMI_VERSION_XXX cmake variables
  • Minor osx-vcmibuilder refactoring


I can’t apply patch to my local copy:

error: cannot apply binary patch to 'osx/dmg_DS_Store' without full index line
error: osx/dmg_DS_Store: patch does not apply


Maybe this can help?
There is probably a problem with git and svn patch format compatibility. Please try “git-apply” to apply this patch if nothing helps.


Thanks. That worked, patch committed.

I’ve bee using git apply for all your patches - all other tools were unable to read binary patches.


Please someone upload file to This file will be needed for Sparkle autoupdate framework (which is a de-facto standart on OS X) which I’m finishing to integrate in vcmi right now.


Maybe it’d better to give you direct acces to SVN? :unamused:


This file should be uploaded to server (not SVN) so it can be acessed via (for example) And as it was discussed a bit earlier everybody are happy for now. I’m too used to git :wink:


It is online:


Here goes patch integrating Sparkle autoupdate in vcmi OS X version: Please apply it before releasing 0.92 version.


Finally I found how to commit to svn from git using git-svn! :slight_smile: Please give commit rights to my sourceforge account - “stopiccot”.