VCMI for Android


Hey, sorry to bother. i looked at the android daily builds and there hasnt been a new build in over a month? Whats happening?


Builds are broken because they are not fully integrated with project’s CMake configuration and from time to time adjustments are needed. Likely easy to fix, but since no one there to look after them they might stay broken for some time still.

Eventually I want to setup build system for Android properly and integrate it with main CMake, but it’s likely to take weeks of work to dig into it so no idea when this will be done.


I see. Thank you. Good luck!


I’ve downloaded the latest build (26-May-2018), but the game crashes when entering the tavern or finishing a battle. I’m using an honor 7 with android 6. Any suggestions maybe?


I can confirm that the latest daily build (from May) crashes while entering the tavern and finishing a battle. What are our prospects for fully-functional Android build?


Try to remove .vid files from original game data. As for daily builds they are broken again and nobody wants to fix them. Android is not a primary platform for development and there is no dedicated team to support it.


I wonder if you could add support for Samsung Note 9 S Pen button to be used as right click. SCUMMVM supports it. Also it looks like Galaxy Tab tablets have S Pen with button too.