Vcmi editor help

hello, can you please tell me where to download the latest map editor for vcmi? I have version 0.15, but it’s probably not the latest, right? link please. Thank you.


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Map editor did not get updated for ages. The link provided by Povelitel is new editor with limited functionality but actively developed. Previous editor is old but it can work with 0.99 VCMI and support mods out of the box. I do not know its capabilities so. You also can use standard h3m editor but it does not support mods. Also old editor allows to import h3m maps so you can start from h3m and add some tweaks with our editor at later stage

thanks for the link how to solve this problem?

help me plss. I have the solved in this editor. dont open. and error

It’s strange. Only @Nordsoft can help you probably

please provide client and/or editor logs

log files are located at Documents\My Games\vcmi

The branch is obsolete. You should download the latest build from develop.