VCMi doesn't work

Hello from Barcelona. I’ve tried to install vcmi in my computer and it doesn’t work. My pc has windows xp service pack 3 and the error is " The procedure entry point CancelIoEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll" or something similar…

Can help me anybody?


I’ve read somewhere, that VCMI not support win xp…

Thanks for your answer mate

in the new build not functioning the cheat codes

Cheats are working fine. I guess it’s something with your keyboard. That’s why you can’t write normally at slack only with snippets.

it’s a bug of vcmi?

this creatures is of fallen catastrophe era mod not is possible missing a frame in the def file of the creature
suelle.rar (222.2 KB)

there is no shooting animation in def file. Group 14 is “shoot up”