VCMI: CCP - On planning and what to do next

This thread is exclusively dedicated to the VCMI Content Creation Project [temporary name, as I have yet to get more name suggestions], which will focus on the project management itself.

I’ll just copypaste my post from the original fork thread for this one. This is the original plan I sketch I conceived earlier:

Obviously this is still nothing but a rough perspective. There are many points left to debate. For instance we need to decide how we will deal the whole crowdfunding idea, and how we will approach artists based on this proposal. If anyone has any other suggestions, please say so.

I’ve just created a satelite thread on the Wesnoth forums. Hope we can get some help from them. If you’re part of theme or simply a member of the VCMI community, try leaving some comments on the project if you think you could add something to it. Remember, the more cohesive our group seems, the more support we’re likely to get.


And Warmonger had the generousity of mentioning us on the official VCMI thread at the Heroes Community forums! Cheers mate.