VCMI: CCP - On creating a new original plot

This thread is exclusively dedicated to the VCMI Content Creation Project [temporary name, as I have yet to get more name suggestions], which will aim towards creating a standard storyline that will eventually become part of a new HOMM3-inspired game to run on the VCMI engine.

Since some people believe it’s worthwhile to do a whole new campaign/story mode in order to avoid copyright issues with the rightful holders of the HOMM franchise, it might be a good idea to encourage the discussion of a plot right from the start. I can’t comment much on this matter as, to be truthful, I was never much a campaign player myself. Nevertheless I would advise you to look out for the following, when imagining a new storyline:

1 - Know thy fluff - Make sure you know the HOMM storyline well! Go play the original campaigns again or read plot summaries, so you can account for all loose ends.

2 - Watch out for plot holes and inconsistencies! - when writing a plot event, always, always try to evaluate your characters actions from a rational point of view. Make sure there are no inconsistencies in the way they act, feel, or talk. Always be aware of the geographical placement and distances, as to avoid “instant travel” or other sort of disparaties. As Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote, “always draw a map before writing a book”.

3 - Beware of the Mary-Sue - When writing a character always try to avoid clichés, and try to keep your favouristisms at bay, unless you believe they’re justified. A good character is, by default, a well-rounded one, possessing both qualities and faults in a balanced manner. And for god’s sake no self-inserts!

4 - Keep your fandoms on the other side of the fence - we’re totally OK with the fact that you may be a furry or enjoy ponies a lot, but please try to forget about those when writing something for this project. Keep in mind there’s a big difference between being original and innovative, and just plain hamfisting your own personal tastes inside a plot.

Finally remember that the decisions taken here will eventually influence such things as the factions to be included, the heroes, the places, and even the creatures.

Idea: make a refference to the crossing of armagedon’s blade and frost blade.
But instead the flat story of end of the word, suggest that such great event in a plane of ancient magic (all well known artifacts creation were dated near a period when there was ancients in the word the game universe is estabilished?) make current world unstable, but not only bring destruction/chaos forces but also the forces of creation.

So there of course will be much of natural catastrophes plus innatural ones as opening gates of elemental planes, but also there new races can estabilish, new magic domain may be created, also many “faulty” creation events which effects in construing many deviations (which some of can be neutral creatures and some of can form an aliance similair to necromancer’s faction).

Also there would be form instabilities such as creatures which change further and back their forms, broken portals which can teleport not there where supposed to. also there should be terrains which weakens or forces up the magic, the terrains which hurt one of races but is neutral to others, terrain which has a chance per step to teleport to any tile of same terrain, and finally interworld portals as ones used to escape in heroes4 plot. Note to keep the plot on the old world, don’t reffer to the event’s in a heroes4-and-post world, and include a plot of some races/forces/armies teleporting to “our” world from their own.

majaczek, IMO H4 intro was quite descriptive to what happened with Enroth. Interesting idea though.

Another option - apart from portals to H4 world (Axeoth) there will be portals to another one.
In this case we’ll get separate world without losing connection to H3 (Enroth) and without interfering with H4 plot. This new world can have its separate lore, magic, factions and still will be affected by refuges from Enroth.

Separate world will also decrease chances of any complains from Ubi (which are quite unlikely anyway).

I support this idea. It certainly creates a blank canvas for doing what we want with the new game.

I’ve actually read all the plot summaries for Heroes 3 and 4, and I must say this does sound like a good idea. The idea of having dissidents from previous HOMM3 factions stranded in an unknown world does indeed bring a whole new range of possibilities and choices to handle both plot and factions. Some things I would like to point out:

  • Native factions from the new world.
  • Perhaps this new world could be somewhat unstable, and the main goal of some factions could be to escape from it, while others instead sought after stabilizing it and creating a domain of their own within this realm.
  • Which characters could be brought from HOMM3 and which ones could be introduced.
  • Environment. Describe the land, continents, geography and how would this affect gameplay

Maybe… ???
The Gods who were the reason of these artifacts being made or the artifacts somehow transported Gelu and Kilgore to the new Realm ?? :->

Don’t think, that VCMI needs new plot or some campaigns.
It’s the work of town creators to make campains (which will be only after releasing map editor for VCMI). Not the VCMI

Well, i think, a good campaign is always worth it. And in fact i’m currently doing something like that. The first map is currently in testing and adjusting phase. I played that map now for about 10 to 15 times, and slowly it is getting good :slight_smile: Since the vcmi editor does not allow campaigns for now (the campaign format isn’t specified for now), the campaign will have to wait. Nevertheless it may be an idea to upload the map for testing before campaign support.

The story around it takes place roughly the same time as the AB campaign. It has some story references to that, but takes place completely independent from it. It also has references to the last RoE campaign, the “Contested Lands”. The idea is: The contested lands where conquered by the Kreegans, for somewhere in that land there is much gold. Gold the Kreegans need to pay for their war against the Ironfists. The former inhabitants (a combination of Rampart and Castle) fled and formed new nations.

The first map is about the Cathedral nation. Disappointed and frustrated about their loss they decide to change their way of life to be stronger and to be able to fight the Kreegans and conquer back the contested lands.

The second map is already started, but still far from playable. This featured the New Preserve as another descendant of these Contested Lands. A third map with the Northerners is planned.

In the last scenarios we will meet again the Ironfists in their retirement. There is an upcoming war between the “good” factions and the barbarians under Kilgor. The good faction have Armaggedons blade, and the barbarions have the frost sword. The task for the human player is to avoid any battle where these 2 weapons are part of, to get these weapons and destroy them. Idea is that destroying these will be the reason for the opening of these portals. Not destroying them would simply destroy the world.

The problems are:
What about the frost sword?
And how to detect any battle with these 2 swords, and if, make the human player loose?

Ideas welcome :slight_smile:

If you want copyright free campains it must be new world.

Maybe you can use it.