VCMI buolding errors

Just installed VCMI on Ubuntu (not sure which specs I should include, but can post anything on request). Tried building the .exe file, but it fails. The error log is as follows:

$ vcmibuilder --gog ~/Apps/Heroes\ of\ Might\ and\ Magic\ III\ Complete\ GOG/setup_homm_3_complete_4.0_\(10665\).exe 
Warning: Unexpected setup data version: 5.5.7 (unicode)
Warning: Unexpected Privileges value: 4
Stream error while parsing setup headers!
  detected setup version: 5.5.7 (unicode)
  error reason: basic_ios::clear: iostream error
If you are sure the setup file is not corrupted, consider 
filing a bug report at
Done with 1 error and 2 warnings.
cp: cannot stat '/home/aelita/.local/share/vcmi/buildertmp/app/[Dd][Aa][Tt][Aa]': No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat '/home/aelita/.local/share/vcmi/buildertmp/app/[Mm][Aa][Pp][Ss]': No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat '/home/aelita/.local/share/vcmi/buildertmp/app/[Mm][Pp]3': No such file or directory

I have not reported this as a bug yet because I am really not sure what is happening here.

Could anyone help me with this?

Unfortunately it’s was reported that one of recent GOG updates changed their install package format so we’ll need to update vcmibuild script. For now you can manually unpack all needed assets (“Data”, “MP3”, “Maps” and other directories) into:


As it turns out, it wasn’t an archive problem, because on my other PC with vanilla Xubuntu it built just fine with the same options. Apparently, I’m missing something in my current setup. After I copied the whole ~/.local/share/vcmi directory from the other PC to this one, everything works as charm.

The only problem is with getting network multiplayer to work with two players. Is there any subforum or thread dedicated to network troubleshooting?

Multiplayer support is incomplete and under development (is it? :P). So for now we can’t talk about "troubleshooting’ yet.

As long as both versions use latest VCMI from PPA and have same mods activated (settings for active mods are in ~/.config/vcmi/) it’s should simply work.

I did reasonable amount of multiplayer testing and only thing we really missing is loading screen and some minor features like turn time limit and handicap. If you find bugs post them on bug tracker. If you need faster answers then feel free to jump to our slack:

I put reasonable amount of work into debugging of all kind of multiplayer issues and all my server / spectator related changes tested for both network multiplayer and hotseat. Still wish to rework PreGame, but I not sure if my next attempt to work on it going to succeed. :mrgreen:

Even loading through command line kind a work. :slight_smile:

That’s very good to hear.