VCMI and the New Units

Hello,I am Lord_Immortal from HC.I want to know how do I add new creatures on Heroes of Might and Magic III:In the Wake of Gods and when I learned about VCMI offering this possibility,I downloaded your project.I edited the text files at the “config” folder,I edited CRTRAIT0,CRTRAITS and ZCRTRAIT but nothing.When I try to run VCMI_client,it shows an error about msvcr90.dll. When I restore the TXT files in “config”,the game runs normaly.

PS:How do I get rid of the windowed mode?

you have to edit config.txt (the first part) to change permanent to higher resolution and enable fulllscreen… theres a few resolutions suported… however main menu will be always in 800x600 (but later it changes due to settings)

project VCMI is making able doing features like more monsters, however its still at development phase - however a great numbers of features from heroes3 are replicated, some features aren’t done yet (eg. multiplayer, scripting, hero specs, and big part of AI)

I believe the team haven’t tried more creatures availible so temporary the limit is in source files of VCMI, but will be moved to config files… hovewer it’s still possible that they would wait for some important features made and then implement better interface for mods than just config files (supporting eg. mod compability repairer or something)

However you may ask the project leaders for more details :slight_smile:

@ Lord_Immortal: Hi and welcome to the forum.

F4 should help you get rid of the windowed mode. I’m not one of the coders to help with adding new monsters but, as majaczek said, the project is still in development phase. VCMI doesn’t yet support most WoG features, so you will not be able to enjoy the gameplay just yet. Btw, if you want to test the latest dev version though, you can find it HERE. If you want to know more about what’s available in VCMI, you can check the Manual or the News section.

[size=75]@ Warmonger: If you have a bit of time, maybe you could update your VCMI threads at HC & CH. At HC they still have the 0.75b link (I assume based on the subtitle of this topic) and at CH the O.P. still talks about “next release” as 0.76 for January 1st.[/size]

It’s settings.txt actually (file is located in the config/ subfolder) - edit it to change default behaviour. During the game you can use F4 to switch.

Unfortunately, the number of creature is currently hardcoded. To add a new one you would need to recompile the whole project and appropriately change all files with creature settings (cranims, zcrtrait, most cr_* files from /config/ directory and maybe something I’ve forgotten). AFAIK nobody has ever tried to do this.

But this is only now, for the development phase, right? Once VCMI reaches v1.0 and will start being open for modding, I guess sth needs to be done about lifting the limit for creatures (or at least increase it to start with). IIRC the lifting of the limit for number of creatures was one of the elements listed when VCMI was first promoted on the public forums. And if it got stuck in my head, I guess it’s the case for others as well. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: It’s probably one of the first things modders will expect once the game is fully playable.

Yes, it’s only for now. Modders will be able to add units easily once we implement mod support, but we think it’s more important to implement other parts of engine first.

Pity,however,where is this cranim found?And where are the other cr_* files?

CRANIM.TXT is in H3bitmap.lod, cr_*.txt files are in /config directory in VCMI package.