VCMI and Android TV

Hi, few days ago i’ve tried to run VCMI on Android TV (in my case - Xiaomi Mi Box 3) and i have few issues:

-is there any way to run game in 1080p resolution? I have fhd tv, android tv is set to 1080p even in VCMI launcher i’ve set resolution to 1920x1080 but even after that game seems to work in lower resolution (see attached photos).

-is there any way to run HotA with VCMI for Android? I’ve copied full h3 directory from my pc (which works on pc - h3 + all official expansions + HotA)

I’m using VCMI v0.99

Photos (on imgur ‘cause i can’ t add more than one) :

Download and install VCMI essential files. Should help.

Thanks it works for resolution problem :smiley:
But what with HotA?

Technically speaking VCMI is completelly diffirent game that uses h3 resuorces and emulate h3 mechanic. So it will be never compatible with HotA, because HotA is addon for completelly different game :slight_smile: You can only download and play hota port for vcmi but this port has implemented only few features of original hota expansion.

Hi guys, sorry to dig this topic out but I haven’t found an answer on this anywhere.

I have tried running VCMI on new Chromecast with Google tv sideloading apk. Here are the findings:
-you need to install it on internal drive (moving homm files after installation is not possible to external drive) - it does take then some space (limitation of chromecast/android not vcmi)

  • upon selecting new game or loading saves you are prompted with a window trying to connect to an IP and port but after few seconds it disappears
  • gameplay is fine moving on a map is a bit laggy but everything else is smooth as a butter
  • music plays fine but there are no sound effects

The only problem I have and here comes the question is mouse support.

Everything works besides right click button - it has the same function as left click.
Therefore it’s not possible to check hero/stack stats etc. Holding a button / both of them doesn’t work.
Is there any known workaround / mod I could use?


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