VCMI AI Assistant in GPT Store

Yes, we have one: Link

Unfortunatelly it is available only to premium ChatGPT subscribers, but maybe you’re lucky to be one of them. I absolutely recommend this cutting-edge technology :slight_smile:

Assistant features:

  • General information about VCMI project, including FAQ
  • Technical support
  • Modding features, mod format, mod examples, json code generation
  • Some knowledge of OH3 mechanics in general
  • Some knowledge of broader Heroes 3 scene (WoG, HoTA etc.)
  • Posting issues directly to Github
  • Posting complains to our Slack channel. If you find GPT talking bollocks, ask to send feedback directly to us.

I also plan to expand it’s Q/A knowledge base as it shows up. Feel free to add your suggestions.

It’s also valuable to post here any tutorials or other content that the Assistant should know.

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Assistant is now available as a Slack App. Details in our chatbot channel: Slack

I hope to integrate it in Discord someday, once that feature is added.