VCMI 1.4.0 released!

New release of VCMI with multiplayer and QoL improvements.
Congratulations to everyone involved!


### General
* Implemented High Score screen
* Implemented tracking of completed campaigns
* "Secret" Heroes 3 campaigns now require completion of prerequisite campaigns first
* Completing a campaign will now return player to campaign selection window instead of main menu
* Game will now play video on winning or losing a game
* Game will now correctly check for mod compatibility when loading saved games
* Game client will no longer load conflicting mods if player have both of them enabled
* If some mods fail to load due to missing dependencies or conflicts, game client will display message on opening main menu
* Game will no longer crash on loading save with different mod versions and will show error message instead
* Saved games are now 2-3 times smaller than before
* Added Vietnamese translation
* Failure to connect to a MP game will now show proper error message
* Added VSync support
* Implemented tutorial
* Implemented support for playback of audio from video files
* Windows Installer will now automatically add required firewall rules
* Game audio will now be disabled if game window is not focused
* Fixed formatting of date and time of a savegame on Android
* Added list of VCMI authors to credits screen
* Quick combat is now disabled by default
* Spectator mode in single player is now disabled

### Multiplayer
* Implemented simultaneous turns
* Implemented turn timers, including chess timers version
* Game will now hide entire adventure map on hotseat turn transfer
* Added option to pause game timer while on system options window
* Implemented localization support for maps
* Game will now use texts from local player instead of host
* Multiple fixes to validation of player requests by server

### Android
* Heroes 3 data import now accepts files in any case
* Fixed detection of Heroes 3 data presence when 'data' directory uses lower case

### Touchscreen
* Added tutorial video clips that explain supported touch gestures
* Double tap will now be correctly interpreted as double click, e.g. to start scenario via double-click
* Implemented snapping to 100% scale for adventure map zooming
* Implemented smooth scrolling for adventure map
* Implemented radial wheel to reorder list of owned towns and heroes
* Implemented radial wheel for hero exchange in towns

### Launcher
* When a mod is being downloaded, the launcher will now correctly show progress as well as its total size
* Double-clicking mod name will now perform expected action, e.g. install/update/enable or disable
* Launcher will now show mod extraction progress instead of freezing
* "Friendly AI" option will now correctly display current type of friendly AI
* Player can now correctly switch to global chat after disconnect
* "Resolve mods conflicts" button now attempts to fix all mods if nothing is selected
* Implemented support for mention in game lobby
* Implemented support for global and room channels in game lobby
* Added option to reconnect to game lobby

### Editor
* It is now possible to configure rewards for Seer Hut, Pandora Boxes and Events
* It is now possible to configure quest (limiter) in Seer Hut and Quest Guards
* It is now possible to configure events and rumors in map editor
* Improved army configuration interface
* Added option to customize hero skills
* It is now possible to select object on map for win/loss conditions or for main town
* Random dwellings can now be linked to a random town
* Added map editor zoom 
* Added objects lock functionality 
* It is now possible to configure hero placeholders in map editor
* Fixed duplicate artifact image on mouse drag 
* Lasso tool will no longer skip tiles
* Fixed layout of roads and rivers

### Stability
* Fix possible crash on generating random map
* Fixed multiple memory leaks in game client
* Fixed crash on casting Hypnotize multiple times
* Fixed crash on attempting to move all artifacts from hero that has no artifacts
* Fixed crash on attempting to load corrupted .def file
* Fixed crash on clicking on empty Altar of Sacrifice slots

### AI
* BattleAI should now see strong stacks even if blocked by weak stacks.
* BattleAI will now prefers targets slower than own stack even if they are not reachable this turn.
* Improved BattleAI performance when selecting spell to cast
* Improved BattleAI performance when selection unit action
* Improved BattleAI spell selection logic
* Nullkiller AI can now use Fly and Water Walk spells

### Campaigns
* Implemented voice-over audio support for Heroes 3 campaigns
* Fixes victory condition on 1st scenario of "Long Live the King" campaign 
* Fixed loading of defeat/victory icon and message for some campaign scenarios

### Interface
* Implemented adventure map dimming on opening windows
* Clicking town hall icon on town screen will now open town hall
* Clicking buildings in town hall will now show which resources are missing (if any)
* Fixed incorrect positioning of total experience text on Altar of Sacrifice
* Game will now show correct video file on battle end
* Game will now correctly loop battle end animation video
* Implemented larger version of spellbooks that displays up to 24 spells at once
* Spell scrolls in hero inventory now show icon of contained spell
* Fixed incorrect hero morale tooltip after visiting adventure map objects
* Fixed incorrect information for skills in hero exchange window
* Confirmation button will now be disabled on automatic server connect dialog
* Attempting to recruit creature in town with no free slots in garrisons will now correctly show error message

### Main Menu
* Implemented window for quick selection of starting hero, town and bonus
* Implemented map preview in scenario selection and game load screen accessible via right click on map
* Show exact map size in map selection
* Added support for folders in scenario selection and save/load screens
* Added support for "Show Random Maps" button in random map setup screen
* Added starting hero preview screen
* Added option to change name of player while in map setup screen
* Implemented loading screen with progress bar
* Game will now stay on loading screen while random map generation is in process
* Team Alignments popup in scenario options will no longer show empty teams
* Fixed missing borders on team alignments configuration window in random maps
* Fixed map difficulty icon on save/load screen
* Main menu animation will no longer appear on top of new game / load game text

### Adventure Map Interface
* Picking up an artifact on adventure map will now show artifact assembly dialog if such option exists
* Minimap will now preserve correct aspect ratio on rectangular maps
* Fixed slot highlighting when an artifact is being assembled
* Ctrl-click on hero will now select him instead of changing path of active hero
* In selection windows (level up window, treasure chest pickup, etc) it is now possible to select reward via double-click
* Attacking wandering monsters with preconfigured message will now correctly show the message
* Revisit object button will now be blocked if there is no object to revisit
* Fixed missing tooltip for "revisit object" button
* Fixed calculation of fow reveal range for all objects
* Attempt to close game will now ask for confirmation
* Right-clicking previously visited Seer Huts or Quest Guards will show icon with preview of quest goal
* Right-clicking owned dwellings will show amount of creatures available to for recruitment
* Right-clicking previously visited creature banks will show exact guards composition with their portraits
* Right-clicking artifacts on map will show artifact description
* Right-clicking objects that give bonus to hero will show object description

### Mechanics
* Heroes in tavern will correctly lose effects from spells or visited objects on new day
* Fixed multiple bugs in offering of Wisdom and Spell Schools on levelup. Mechanic should now work identically to Heroes 3
* Retreated heroes will no longer restore their entire mana pool on new day
* Fixed Grail in Crypt on some custom maps
* Added support for repeatable quests in Seer Huts
* Using "Sacrifice All" on Altar will now correctly place all creatures but one on altar
* Fixed probabilities of luck and morale
* Blinded stack no longer can get morale 
* Creature that attacks while standing in moat will now correctly receive moat damage
* Player resources are now limited to 1 000 000 000 to prevent overflow
* It is no longer possible to escape from town without fort
* Pathfinder will no longer make U-turns when moving onto visitable objects while flying
* Pathfinder will no longer make paths that go over teleporters without actually using them
* Game will now correctly update guard status of tiles that are guarded by multiple wandering monsters
* Moving onto Garrisons and Border Guards entrance tiles that are guarded by wandering monsters will now correctly trigger battle
* It is no longer possible to build second boat in shipyard when shipyard should be blocked by boat with hero
* Gundula is now Offense specialist and not Sorcery, as in H3

### Random Maps Generator
* Increased tolerance for placement of Subterranean Gates
* Game will now select random object template out of available options instead of picking first one
* It is no longer possible to create map with a single team
* Game will no longer route roads through non-removable treasure objects, such as Corpse
* Fixed placement of treasure piles with non-removable objects, such as Corpse
* Fixed interface no displaying correct random map settings in some cases
* Fixed misleading error "no info for player X found"
* Fixed bug leading to AI players defeated on day one.

### Modding
* All bonuses now require string as a subtype. See documentation for exact list of possible strings for each bonus.
* Changes to existing objects parameters in mods will now be applied to ongoing saves
* Fixed handling of engine version compatibility check
* Added support for giving arbitrary bonuses to AI players
* Most mods of type "Translation" are now hidden in Launcher
* Added new mod type: "Compatibility". Mods of this type are hidden in Launcher and are always active if they are compatible.
* Added new mod type: "Maps"
* Added new TERRAIN_NATIVE bonus that makes any terrain native to affected units
* SPELL_DURATION now allows subtypes. If set to spell, bonus will only affect specified spell
* Both game client and launcher will now correctly handle dependencies that are not in lower case
* Implemented support for refusable Witch Hut and Scholar
* Added "variables" to configurable objects that are shared between all rewards
* Added visit mode "limiter" for configurable objects. Hero will be considered as "visited this object" if he fulfills provided condition
* Added option to customize text displayed for visited objects, e.g. show "Already learned" instead of "Visited"
* Added option to define custom description of configurable object, accessible via right-click
* Added option to show object content icons on right-click
* Object now allows checking whether hero can learn spell
* Object limiter now allows checking whether hero can learn skill
* Object reward may now reveal terrain around visiting hero (e.g. Redwood Observatory)

I checked this out from the Flathub version on Debian

Was really impressed only to find out when I try to enter the first castle in the first mission of Wake of the Gods VCMI crashes out!

What is the first mission of Wake of Gods?

We don’t support Wake of Gods maps or campaigns at the moment. They should not even show up in map selection.

Unfortunately now the game keeps crashing

Hi. Are you using macOS arm or iPhone?
If yes - then we are aware of crashes, but no solution for now.

For other platforms - can you explain when exactly the happens? Do you use any mods?

Hi, i’ve only updated the iPad to the new vcmi release and it keeps crashing. On iPhone i did not upgrade but also did not play so I have no idea if it crashes too

In that case - sounds like a known issue: Game keeps crashing after updating to VCMI 1.4.0 · Issue #3269 · vcmi/vcmi · GitHub
Unfortunately no solution for now, other than staying on 1.3.2

It crashes on iPad when You try to cast Spell with genie.

Hi. Yes, this is known issue. Sorry about that. Expect hotfix in a day or two.
For now you can install latest build from here:

I don’t know where to post this and I was unsure about creating a post just for that. But, would it be possible to add a release date section on VCMI Launcher for newer VCMI versions ?

I mean, that way users could sort by date and learn about new VCMI mods being available.