VCMI 1.4.0 lost saves on Android

Hi guys,

Just want to let you know that I lost all my saves on Android. I wonder what could happen, and then came to this forum with information that a new version of the launcher has been released. I have the newest version so this is the case, I assume that launcher was updated automatucally, but i don’t have any saves from my games. Any ideas how to fix it?

Hi. Unfortunately right now VCMI can not load saves with different major version (e.g. no loading 1.3 saves in 1.4). To load saves made in 1.3 you need to run vcmi 1.3

And Google Play does not provides much flexibility here compared to (for example) Steam…
The only way for you to load your old saves is to:

  • backup your game data from Android\data\\files\vcmi-data (requires access from PC on latest Android’s)
  • uninstall Google Play version of VCMI
  • install 1.3.2 apk from here: Release VCMI 1.3.2 · vcmi/vcmi · GitHub
  • copy game data back to Android\data\\files\vcmi-data
  • make sure that automatic updates for VCMI are off in Google Play

Can’t think of any easier method than this one I am afraid. Other than abandoning old saves and starting new game.

I will check that method, thank you!

It worked, many thanks for your help!