Vcmi 1.3 android - right click doesn't work

hello, I have a problem with right clicking on android 1.3 version. there was no problem in 1.2. I don’t know if I’m the only one.
I am sending a yt link with the above mentioned problem.

Hi. There were changes to touch input in 1.3:

  • context menu / right click is now activated via long tap, similar to other mobile apps
  • swipe gesture can now be used to scroll through adventure map and… well, anything that can be scrolled
  • pinch gesture can now be used to zoom on adventure map

oh, thank you for explain. btw these new controls are much better (map swipe, zoom) :wink:

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would be good to add this info to the wiki

Would be good to add this to the manual. Together with all the other shortcuts and GUI improvements.

You think somebody reads manual? Yeah, sure…
For reference, this information is added to release notes and visible on Google Play page as well as in changelog to which we link in both release notes on Google Play and in announcements. Yet, multiple players ask for it.
Manual is even less visible.

Can’t help people who don’t read.
Point is, there is not a single place where all VCMI features are listed, many of them are just memorized by a few people.

And the list may get too long to keep it on one page, wiki or other.

I think about the manual as the extension of FAQ - what the project does and how to do X and Y.