VCMI 1.3.0 released!

New release of VCMI with major AI improvements.
Congratulations to everyone involved!


* Implemented automatic interface scaling to any resolution supported by monitor
* Implemented UI scaling option to scale game interface
* Game resolution and UI scaling can now be changed without game restart
* Fixed multiple issues with borderless fullscreen mode
* On mobile systems game will now always run at native resolution with configurable UI scaling
* Implemented support for Horn of the Abyss map format
* Implemented option to replay results of quick combat
* Added translations to French and Chinese
* All in-game cheats are now case-insensitive
* Added high-definition icon for Windows
* Fix crash on connecting to server on FreeBSD and Flatpak builds
* Save games now consist of a single file
* Added H3:SOD cheat codes as alternative to vcmi cheats
* Fixed several possible crashes caused by autocombat activation
* Fixed artifact lock icon in localized versions of the game
* Fixed possible crash on changing hardware cursor

* VCMI will now properly recognizes touch screen input
* Implemented long tap gesture that shows popup window. Tap once more to close popup
* Long tap gesture duration can now be configured in settings
* Implemented radial menu for army management, activated via swiping creature icon
* Implemented swipe gesture for scrolling through lists
* All windows that have sliders in UI can now be scrolled using swipe gesture
* Implemented swipe gesture for attack direction selection: swipe from enemy position to position you want to attack from
* Implemented pinch gesture for zooming adventure map
* Implemented haptic feedback (vibration) for long press gesture

* Launcher will now attempt to automatically detect language of OS on first launch
* Added "About" tab with information about project and environment
* Added separate options for Allied AI and Enemy AI for adventure map
* Patially fixed displaying of download progress for mods
* Fixed potential crash on opening mod information for mods with a changelog
* Added option to configure number of autosaves

* Fixed crash on cutting random town
* Added option to export entire map as an image
* Added validation for placing multiple heroes into starting town
* It is now possible to have single player on a map
* It is now possible to configure teams in editor

* Fixed potential crash on accessing market (VCAI)
* Fixed potentially infinite turns (VCAI)
* Reworked object prioritizing
* Improved town defense against enemy heroes
* Improved town building (mage guild and horde)
* Various behavior fixes

* Hero retreating after end of 7th turn will now correctly appear in tavern
* Implemented hero backpack limit (disabled by default)
* Fixed Admiral's Hat movement points calculation
* It is now possible to access Shipwrecks from coast
* Hero path will now be correctly updated on equipping/unequipping Levitation Boots or Angel Wings
* It is no longer possible to abort movement while hero is flying over water
* Fixed digging for Grail
* Implemented "Survive beyond a time limit" victory condition
* Implemented "Defeat all monsters" victory condition
* 100% damage resistance or damage reduction will make unit immune to a spell
* Game will now randomly select obligatory skill for hero on levelup instead of always picking Fire Magic
* Fixed duration of bonuses from visitable object such as Idol of Fortune
* Rescued hero from prison will now correctly reveal map around him
* Lighthouses will no longer give movement bonus on land

* Fixed transfer of artifacts into next scenario
* Fixed crash on advancing to next scenario with heroes from mods
* Fixed handling of "Start with building" campaign bonus
* Fixed incorrect starting level of heroes in campaigns
* Game will now play correct music track on scenario selection window
* Dracon woll now correctly start without spellbook in Dragon Slayer campaign
* Fixed frequent crash on moving to next scenario during campaign
* Fixed inability to dismiss heroes on maps with "capture town" victory condition

* Improved zone placement, shape and connections
* Improved zone passability for better gameplay
* Improved treasure distribution and treasure values to match SoD closely
* Navigation and water-specific spells are now banned on maps without water
* RMG will now respect road settings set in menu
* Tweaked many original templates so they allow new terrains and factions
* Added "bannedTowns", "bannedTerrains", "bannedMonsters" zone properties
* Added "road" property to connections
* Added monster strength "none"
* Support for "wide" connections
* Support for new "fictive" and "repulsive" connections
* RMG will now run faster, utilizing many CPU cores
* Removed random seed number from random map description

* Adventure map is now scalable and can be used with any resolution without mods
* Adventure map interface is now correctly blocked during enemy turn
* Visiting creature banks will now show amount of guards in bank
* It is now possible to arrange army using status window
* It is now possible to zoom in or out using mouse wheel or pinch gesture
* It is now possible to reset zoom via Backspace hotkey
* Receiving a message in chat will now play sound
* Map grid will now correctly display on map start
* Fixed multiple issues with incorrect updates of save/load game screen
* Fixed missing fortifications level icon in town tooltip
* Fixed positioning of resource label in Blacksmith window
* Status bar on inactive windows will no longer show any tooltip from active window
* Fixed highlighting of possible artifact placements when exchanging with allied hero
* Implemented sound of flying movement (for Fly spell or Angel Wings)
* Last symbol of entered cheat/chat message will no longer trigger hotkey
* Right-clicking map name in scenario selection will now show file name
* Right-clicking save game in save/load screen will now show file name and creation date
* Right-clicking in town fort window will now show creature information popup
* Implemented pasting from clipboard (Ctrl+V) for text input

* Implemented Tower moat (Land Mines)
* Implemented defence reduction for units in moat
* Added option to always show hero status window
* Battle opening sound can now be skipped with mouse click
* Fixed movement through moat of double-hexed units
* Fixed removal of Land Mines and Fire Walls
* Obstacles will now corectly show up either below or above unit
* It is now possible to teleport a unit through destroyed walls
* Added distinct overlay image for showing movement range of highlighted unit
* Added overlay for displaying shooting range penalties of units

* Implemented initial version of VCMI campaign format
* Implemented spell cast as possible reward for configurable object
* Implemented support for configurable buildings in towns
* Implemented support for placing prison, tavern and heroes on water
* Implemented support for new boat types
* It is now possible for boats to use other movement layers, such as "air"
* It is now possible to use growing artifacts on artifacts that can be used by hero
* It is now possible to configure town moat
* Palette-cycling animation of terrains and rivers can now be configured in json
* Game will now correctly resolve identifier in unexpected form (e.g. 'bless' vs 'spell.bless' vs 'core:bless')
* Creature specialties that use short form ( "creature" : "pikeman" ) will now correctly affect all creature upgrades
* It is now possible to configure spells for Shrines
* It is now possible to configure upgrade costs per level for Hill Forts
* It is now possible to configure boat type for Shipyards on adventure map and in town
* Implemented support for HotA-style adventure map images for monsters, with offset
* Replaced (SCHOOL)_SPELL_DMG_PREMY with SPELL_DAMAGE bonus (uses school as subtype).
* Removed bonuses (SCHOOL)_SPELLS - replaced with SPELLS_OF_SCHOOL
* Removed DIRECT_DAMAGE_IMMUNITY bonus - replaced by 100% spell damage resistance
* MAGIC_SCHOOL_SKILL subtype has been changed for consistency with other spell school bonuses
* Configurable objects can now be translated
* Fixed loading of custom battlefield identifiers for map objects

If you are using Fedora 38 x86_64 or aarch64, you can install the RPM package from RPMFusion repository. If you find any issue, please report them at

Ref: [Fedora 38] Upgrade to version 1.3.0 by runlevel5 · Pull Request #1 · rpmfusion/vcmi · GitHub

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