VCMI 1.2.0 released!

New big release of VCMI just landed.
Congratulations to everyone involved!



    Adventure map rendering was entirely rewritten with better, more functional code
    Client battle code was heavily reworked, leading to better visual look & feel and fixing multiple minor battle bugs / glitches
    Client mechanics are now framerate-independent, rather than speeding up with higher framerate
    Implemented hardware cursor support
    Heroes III language can now be detected automatically
    Increased targeted framerate from 48 to 60
    Increased performance of UI updates
    Fixed bonus values of heroes who specialize in secondary skills
    Fixed bonus values of heroes who specialize in creatures
    Fixed damage increase from Adela's Bless specialty
    Fixed missing obstacles in battles on subterranean terrain
    Video files now play at correct speed
    Fixed crash on switching to second mission in campaigns
    New cheat code: vcmiazure - give 5000 azure dragons in every empty slot
    New cheat code: vcmifaerie - give 5000 faerie dragons in every empty slot
    New cheat code: vcmiarmy or vcminissi - give specified creatures in every empty slot. EG: vcmiarmy imp
    New cheat code: vcmiexp or vcmiolorin - give specified amount of experience to current hero. EG: vcmiexp 10000
    Fixed oversided message window from Scholar skill that had confirmation button outside game window
    Fixed loading of prebuilt creature hordes from h3m maps
    Fixed volume of ambient sounds when changing game sounds volume
    Fixed might&magic affinities of Dungeon heroes
    Fixed Roland's specialty to affect Swordsmen/Crusaders instead of Griffins
    Buying boat in town of an ally now correctly uses own resources instead of stealing them from ally
    Default game difficulty is now set to "normal" instead of "easy"
    Fixed crash on missing music files


    Added translations to German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian
    Implemented cut/copy/paste operations
    Implemented lasso brush for terrain editing
    Toolbar actions now have names
    Added basic victory and lose conditions


    Added initial Welcome/Setup screen for new players
    Added option to install translation mod if such mod exists and player's H3 version has different language
    Icons now have higher resolution, to prevent upscaling artifacts
    Added translations to German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian
    Mods tab layout has been adjusted based on feedback from players
    Settings tab layout has been redesigned to support longer texts
    Added button to start map editor directly from Launcher
    Simplified game starting flow from online lobby
    Mod description will now show list of languages supported by mod
    Launcher now uses separate mod repository from vcmi-1.1 version to prevent mod updates to unsupported versions
    Size of mod list and mod details sub-windows can now be adjusted by player


    Nullkiller AI is now used by default
    AI should now be more active in destroying heroes causing treat on AI towns
    AI now has higher priority for resource-producing mines
    Increased AI priority of town dwelling upgrades
    AI will now de-prioritize town hall upgrades when low on resources
    Messages from cheats used by AI are now hidden
    Improved army gathering from towns
    AI will now attempt to exchange armies between main heroes to get the strongest hero with the strongest army.
    Improved Pandora handling
    AI takes into account fort level now when evaluating enemy town capturing priority.
    AI can not use allied shipyard now to avoid freeze
    AI will avoid attacking creatures standing on draw-bridge tile during siege if the bridge is closed.
    AI will consider retreat during siege if it can not do anything (catapult is destroyed, no destroyed walls exist)


    Random map generator can now be used without vcmi-extras mod
    RMG will no longer place shipyards or boats at very small lakes
    Fixed placement of shipyards in invalid locations
    Fixed potential game hang on generation of random map
    RMG will now generate addditional monolith pairs to create required number of zone connections
    RMG will try to place Subterranean Gates as far away from other objects (including each other) as possible
    RMG will now try to place objects as far as possible in both zones sharing a guard, not only the first one.
    Use only one template for an object in zone
    Objects with limited per-map count will be distributed evenly among zones with suitable terrain
    Objects above zone treasure value will not be considered for placement
    RMG will prefer terrain-specific templates for objects placement
    RMG will place Towns and Monoliths first in order to generate long roads across the zone.
    Adjust the position of center town in the zone for better look & feel on S maps.
    Description of random map will correctly show number of levels
    Fixed amount of creatures found in Pandora Boxes to match H3
    Visitable objects will no longer be placed on top of the map, obscured by map border


    Added option to replace popup messages on object visiting with messages in status window
    Implemented different hero movement sounds for offroad movement
    Cartographers now reveal terrain in the same way as in H3
    Status bar will now show movement points information on pressing ALT or after enabling option in settings
    It is now not possible to receive rewards from School of War without required gold amount
    Owned objects, like Mines and Dwellings will always show their owner in status bar
    It is now possible to interact with on-map Shipyard when no hero is selected
    Added option to show amount of creatures as numeric range rather than adjective
    Added option to show map grid
    Map swipe is no longer exclusive for phones and can be enabled on desktop platforms
    Added more graduated settigns for hero movement speed
    Map scrolling is now more graduated and scrolls with pixel-level precision
    Hero movement speed now matches H3
    Improved performance of adventure map rendering
    Fixed embarking and disembarking sounds
    Fixed selection of "new week" animation for status window
    Object render order now mostly matches H3
    Fixed movement cost calculation when using "Fly" spell or "Angel Wings"
    Fixed game freeze on using Town Portal to teleport into town with unvisited Battle Scholar Academy
    Fixed invalid ambient sound of Whirlpool
    Hero path will now be correctly removed on defeating monsters that are at the end of hero path
    Seer Hut tooltips will now show messages for correct quest type


    Implemented new settings window
    Added framerate display option
    Fixed white status bar on server connection screen
    Buttons in battle window now correctly show tooltip in status bar
    Fixed cursor image during enemy turn in combat
    Game will no longer promt to assemble artifacts if they fall into backpack
    It is now possible to use in-game console for vcmi commands
    Stacks sized 1000-9999 units will not be displayed as "1k"
    It is now possible to select destination town for Town Portal via double-click
    Implemented extended options for random map tab: generate G+U size, select RMG template, manage teams and roads


    Fixed cases of incorrect artifact slot highlighting
    Improved performance of artifact exchange operation
    Picking up composite artifact will immediately unlock slots
    It is now possible to swap two composite artifacts


    Fixed gradual fade-in of a newly built building
    Fixed duration of building fade-in to match H3
    Fixed rendering of Shipyard in Castle
    Blacksmith purchase button is now properly locked if artifact slot is occupied by another warmachine
    Added option to show number of available creatures in place of growth
    Fixed possible interaction with hero / town list from adventure map while in town screen
    Fixed missing left-click message popup for some town buildings
    Moving hero from garrison by pressing space will now correctly show message "Cannot have more than 8 adventuring heroes"


    Added settings for even faster animation speed than in H3
    Added display of potential kills numbers into attack tooltip in status bar
    Added option to skip battle opening music entirely
    All effects will now wait for battle opening sound before playing
    Hex highlighting will now be disabled during enemy turn
    Fixed incorrect log message when casting spell that kills zero units
    Implemented animated cursor for spellcasting
    Fixed multiple issues related to ordering of creature animations
    Fixed missing flags from hero animations when opening menus
    Fixed rendering order of moat and grid shadow
    Jousting bonus from Champions will now be correctly accounted for in damage estimation
    Building Castle building will now provide walls with additional health point
    Speed of all battle animations should now match H3
    Fixed missing obstacles on subterranean terrain
    Ballistics mechanics now matches H3 logic
    Arrow Tower base damage should now match H3
    Destruction of wall segments will now remove ranged attack penalty
    Force Field cast in front of drawbridge will now block it as in H3
    Fixed computations for Behemoth defense reduction ability
    Bad luck (if enabled) will now multiple all damage by 50%, in line with other damage reducing mechanics
    Fixed highlighting of movement range for creatures standing on a corpse
    All battle animations now have same duration/speed as in H3
    Added missing combat log message on resurrecting creatures
    Fixed visibility of blue border around targeted creature when spellcaster is making turn
    Fixed selection highlight when in targeted creature spellcasting mode
    Hovering over hero now correctly shows hero cursor
    Creature currently making turn is now highlighted in the Battle Queue
    Hovering over creature icon in Battle Queue will highlight this creature in the battlefield
    New battle UI extension allows control over creatures' special abilities
    Fixed crash on activating auto-combat in battle
    Fixed visibility of unit creature amount labels and timing of their updates
    Firewall will no longer hit double-wide units twice when passing through
    Unicorn Magic Damper Aura ability now works multiplicatively with Resistance
    Orb of Vulnerability will now negate Resistance skill


    Hero casting animation will play before spell effect
    Fire Shield: added sound effect
    Fire Shield: effect now correctly plays on defending creature
    Earthquake: added sound effect
    Earthquake: spell will not select sections that were already destroyed before cast
    Remove Obstacles: fixed error message when casting on maps without obstacles
    All area-effect spells (e.g. Fireball) will play their effect animation on top
    Summoning spells: added fade-in effect for summoned creatures
    Fixed timing of hit animation for damage-dealing spells
    Obstacle-creating spells: UI is now locked during effect animation
    Obstacle-creating spells: added sound effect
    Added reverse death animation for spells that bring stack back to life
    Bloodlust: implemented visual effect
    Teleport: implemented visual fade-out and fade-in effect for teleporting
    Berserk: Fixed duration of effect
    Frost Ring: Fixed spell effect range
    Fixed several cases where multiple different effects could play at the same time
    All spells that can affecte multiple targets will now highlight affected stacks
    Bless and Curse now provide +1 or -1 to base damage on Advanced & Expert levels


    Rebirth (Phoenix): Sound will now play in the same time as animation effect
    Master Genie spellcasting: Sound will now play in the same time as animation effect
    Power Lich, Magogs: Sound will now play in the same time as attack animation effect
    Dragon Breath attack now correctly uses different attack animation if multiple targets are hit
    Petrification: implemented visual effect
    Paralyze: added visual effect
    Blind: Stacks will no longer retailate on attack that blinds them
    Demon Summon: Added animation effect for summoning
    Fire shield will no longer trigger on non-adjacent attacks, e.g. from Dragon Breath
    Weakness now has correct visual effect
    Added damage bonus for opposite elements for Elementals
    Added damage reduction for Magic Elemental attacks against creatures immune to magic
    Added incoming damage reduction to Petrify
    Added counter-attack damage reduction for Paralyze


    All configurable objects from H3 now have their configuration in json
    Improvements to functionality of configurable objects
    Replaced SECONDARY_SKILL_PREMY bonus with separate bonuses for each skill. See
    Removed multiple bonuses that can be replaced with another bonus. See
    It is now possible to define new hero movement sounds in terrains
    Implemented translation support for mods
    Implemented translation support for .h3m maps and .h3c campaigns
    Translation mods are now automatically disabled if player uses different language
    Files with new Terrains, Roads and Rivers are now validated by game
    Parameters controlling effect of attack and defences stats on damage are now configurable in defaultMods.json
    New bonus: LIMITED_SHOOTING_RANGE. Creatures with this bonus can only use ranged attack within specified range
    Battle window and Random Map Tab now have their layout defined in json file
    Implemented code support for alternative actions mod
    Implemented code support for improved random map dialog
    It is now possible to configure number of creature stacks in heroes' starting armies
    It is now possible to configure number of constructed dwellings in towns on map start
    Game settings previously located in defaultMods.json are now loaded directly from mod.json
    It is now possible for spellcaster units to have multiple spells (but only for targeting different units)
    Fixed incorrect resolving of identifiers in commander abilities and stack experience definitions

On Linux (Arch distro), it just gets stuck for me, after New Game->Single Scenario. Only mods active are VCMI Extras and VCMI Essential Files.

Console output:
Trying connection to
Established connection with VCMI 1.2.0.ec4b05d4dec534882cd7835b2438b4cf80f018d0 (server). UUID: feb6fe60-1361-47f1-8d85-73df5e349fc3
/usr/include/c++/12.2.1/bits/shared_ptr_base.h:1349: std::__shared_ptr_access<_Tp, _Lp, , >::element_type& std::__shared_ptr_access<_Tp, _Lp, , >::operator*() const [with _Tp = CGameHandler; __gnu_cxx::_Lock_policy _Lp = __gnu_cxx::_S_atomic; bool = false; bool = false; element_type = CGameHandler]: Assertion ‘_M_get() != nullptr’ failed.
Lost connection to server, ending listening thread!
read_some: End of file [asio.misc:2]
Error: server failed to close correctly or crashed!
Check /home/alex/.cache/vcmi/server_log.txt for more info

Log files:
server_log.txt (2.7 KB)
VCMI_Client_log.txt (509.5 KB)
VCMI_Server_log.txt (492.6 KB)

This appears to be the same issue as this: Client hangs after connecting to server on FreeBSD · Issue #1971 · vcmi/vcmi · GitHub