VCMI 1.0.0 released!

After a many years there is a new major release ready.

You can check official announcement on website:


# Changelog

0.99 -> 1.0.0

* Spectator mode was implemented through command-line options
* Some main menu settings get saved after returning to main menu - last selected map, save etc.
* Restart scenario button should work correctly now
* Skyship Grail works now immediately after capturing without battle
* Lodestar Grail implemented
* Fixed Gargoyles immunity
* New bonuses:
- SOUL_STEAL - "WoG ghost" ability, should work somewhat same as in H3
- TRANSMUTATION - "WoG werewolf"-like ability
- SUMMON_GUARDIANS - "WoG santa gremlin"-like ability + two-hex unit extension
- CATAPULT_EXTRA_SHOTS - defines number of extra wall attacks for units that can do so
- RANGED_RETALIATION - allows ranged counterattack
- BLOCKS_RANGED_RETALIATION - disallow enemy ranged counterattack
- SECONDARY_SKILL_VAL2 - set additional parameter for certain secondary skills
- MANUAL_CONTROL - grant manual control over war machine
- WIDE_BREATH - melee creature attacks affect many nearby hexes
- FIRST_STRIKE - creature counterattacks before attack if possible
- SYNERGY_TARGET - placeholder bonus for Mod Design Team (subject to removal in future)
- SHOOTS_ALL_ADJACENT - makes creature shots affect all neighbouring hexes
- BLOCK_MAGIC_BELOW - allows blocking spells below particular spell level. HotA cape artifact can be implemented with this
- DESTRUCTION - creature ability for killing extra units after hit, configurable

* Loading support. Save from single client could be used to load all clients.
* Restart support. All clients will restart together on same server.
* Hotseat mixed with network game. Multiple colors can be controlled by each client.

* Implemented cumulative effects for spells

## MODS:
* Improve support for WoG commander artifacts and skill descriptions
* Added support for modding of original secondary skills and creation of new ones.
* Map object sounds can now be configured via json
* Added bonus updaters for hero specialties
* Added allOf, anyOf and noneOf qualifiers for bonus limiters
* Added bonus limiters: alignment, faction and terrain
* Supported new terrains, new battlefields, custom water and rock terrains
* Following special buildings becomes available in the fan towns:
> * attackVisitingBonus
> * defenceVisitingBonus
> * spellPowerVisitingBonus
> * knowledgeVisitingBonus
> * experienceVisitingBonus
> * lighthouse
> * treasury

* Fixed many mising or wrong pickup and visit sounds for map objects
* All map objects now have ambient sounds identical to OH3

* Random map generator supports water modes (normal, islands)
* Added config randomMap.json with settings for map generator
* Added parameter for template allowedWaterContent
* Extra resource packs appear nearby mines
* Underground can be player starting place for factions allowed to be placed underground
* Improved obstacles placement aesthetics
* Rivers are generated on the random maps
* RMG works more stable, various crashes have been fixed
* Treasures requiring guards are guaranteed to be protected

## VCAI:
* Reworked goal decomposition engine, fixing many loopholes. AI will now pick correct goals faster.
* AI will now use universal pathfinding globally
* AI can use Summon  Boat and Town Portal
* AI can gather and save resources on purpose
* AI will only buy army on demand instead of every turn
* AI can distinguish the value of all map objects
* General speed optimizations

## Nullkiller AI:
* New alternative AI for small and medium size maps.

* Towers should block ranged retaliation
* AI can bypass broken wall with moat instead of standing and waiting until gate is destroyed
* Towers do not attack war machines automatically
* Draw is possible now as battle outcome in case the battle ends with only summoned creatures (both sides loose)

* Added buttons and keyboard shortcuts to quickly exchange army and artifacts between heroes
* Fix: Captured town should not be duplicated on the UI

* Implemented notifications about updates
* Supported redirection links for downloading mods

**Full Changelog**:
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Incredible, good job guys!

First question: is the VCMI extras mod same as VCMI essential files mod 1.03 from VCMI wiki?

Not quite the same. Since this release “VCMI essential files” only contain assets created for VCMI project itself. So it’s files we have copyright on and can legally distribute.

“VCMI extras” is a mod containing map templates and high resolution support graphics. They both are are derivatives of Heroes 3 assets and dont have clean licensing. Like with any mods this is gray area so we don’t include them in release builds.

old vcmi_essentials = new vcmi_essentials (packed together with build) + vcmi_extras(need to install from launcher.

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plss help.

Help with what? This window should dissapear after few seconds.

Check if VCMI Server / Client is blocked by firewall.

That’s amazing to find version 1.0. Now I suppose the game is more stable. I have already tried for several hours with VCAI. It is not a big change because AI recruit less troops, and it is hard for them to know when it is the suitable time to recruit creatures.

From my view, AI still needs to be improved in recruiting creatures, I think every turn is suitable for them, because they are weak in defense of the town. It is easier to make it recruit every turn rather than improve the AI function to find the demands.

When will this version be available in Ubuntu repositories?

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I saw that both Flatpak and Snapcraft have this in their stores.
But it is still on the last version.
Has anybody reach out and asked them if they will update it to this version?

This is great news. VCMI is probably ultimate answer to improving Heroes of Might and Magic III where it was somewhat left off. It will be a pleasure to play this great game again on Linux PC and Tablet. It’s time to go and conquer some castles!

Hi, is Linux still supported? It seems that no new builds for linux are available for some time already.

it is supported, but currently we don’t have an active linux dev who is able to create appimage and similar packages

Hmmm, i am using linux. And i compile vcmi myself. But i don’t know how to make an installable packet. I would be interested to learn this though. I am a little short of time for now, but i will stop working at february next year (retire), and then i hope i have more time for vcmi in general. So if anyone has some good resources (links) on how to build packages…

I can probably build it since I still have stable 1.0.0 sources downloaded and compiled but I don’t want to sign any pact of doing it on regular basis. I can do one time 1.0.0 as soon as I set up my tools.

if it’s a simple automatable thing, you could just create script that would be run as a part of our release pipeline
FYI respective issue: Fixing linux builds for upcoming release · Issue #802 · vcmi/vcmi · GitHub

Ah no, that’s not the problem to make it automatic for future and such. It’s just that in case I would forget to package it and upload I don’t want to be chased by necromancer’s armies :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why I will try to build 1.0.0 as it’s a big step and good point for many to “just play” the game without worrying of updating every three days or so. I will try to make flatpak and/or appimage since rpm/deb could probably make it more crazy than it’s worth (especially deb).

EDIT #1 - I’m making some fast progress with flatpak one, some more trial and error and maybe it will be ready within a relative “soon” depending how it will go. One error at a time.

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I would probably try to make .deb, since i’m using ubuntu. There is an issue with compiling the sources though: It needs at least one outdated library. I don’t remember which one, may be when i have some more time i can check that. But it was necessary to manually install these old lib versions. It would be better if that would be fixed in the sources.

Yes, i would automate that, as soon as i know how to build .deb packages. How is it uploaded? FTP? GIT? Is that automatable too?

you can try using cpack: CPack DEB Generator — CMake 3.25.0-rc2 Documentation
I have no idea how linux soft is distributed in general, but we can simply attach generated deb to GitHub release.

P.S. I managed to compile VCMI on Debian 10 using dependencies from Conan without any issues.