VCMI 0.99 crashes on start


Hello guys and gals. I have a little problem with the vcmi. As I start the game, the " 3DO" animation is beginning to appear, it suddenly crashes and I see this:

any advice?


You’ve installed old 0.99 version and some mods are compatible with newest versions. Install last daily build from here:


Thanks, it really did help. Now I can at least start a map =)
But now there’s a different problem. It seem like whenever I try to purchase creatures from the castle (not from the dwelling itself), it crushes. Any idea on that one?


Yeah, once for week somebody asks for that. It’s known bug and it’s not vcmi fault but online code compilers. In short: for now you have three other alternative ways to buy creatures (buy all creature button, clicking at creature icon in the left-bottom part of townscreen and clicking at the dwellings).


So, is there no way to fix this bug?


Oh, I see. Thanks for your help, very appreciated


Still crashes after a few turns lol =) never mind I’ll wait for a better version. Still thanks though


Actually, there is a new version, even lots of them. You can download daily builds from here: Those are much better, than old 0.99.


Yea I’ve tried the last version, it is the one tat keeps crashing after a few turns :smile:
For me at least


It’s vcmi thing. More mods you enable, more random crashes you get.